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Life On Treason - Relations
Life On Treason - Relations

Video: Life On Treason - Relations

Video: Life On Treason - Relations
Video: When CHEATING is NOT THE worst NEWS FOR WIFE | CHRONICLES of TREASON with Grigory Kulagin 29 episode 2023, March

"Can I change?" The answer to this question may depend on whether you are cheating or cheating on you. And it might all have to do with your own moral compass. Let's take a look at three of the most common ways people justify lying in a relationship

1. Revenge

If you've been deceived by your husband or wife, the desire for revenge can be intense, almost overwhelming. Even if you are against cheating, it can be difficult to resist this feeling if given the opportunity. When a pretty girl in the office gives you signals, or a guy in a bar seems interested, it's easy to say, "Now it's my turn."

This is normal? No

You will not do anything good in the relationship by cheating on your spouse. Cheating will not only not be able to fix anything, but will simply add even more problems.

2. No sex

Most men and women have sex regularly. But in many ways, there is an imbalance. He wants more than she, or she wants more than him. Usually couples deal with this and find marital harmony. However, sometimes one partner may not want sex at all. These circumstances can put the couple in a quandary.

This is normal? No

Problems in the bedroom have solutions - it just takes an effort to find them. One partner's lack of sex drive may be related to other problems in the marriage. And they need to be addressed. You shouldn't risk your marriage and compromise yourself. Instead, fix the sensitivity issue and try working together to fix the broken things.

3. The marriage is over

When you barely talk to each other, it can be tempting to romance. To feel in love, to feel that you are understood and appreciated for the first time in a long time. How could this be wrong? You may even begin to console yourself: "The heart wants."

This is normal? No

It's okay to want to feel loved and appreciated. But when you take monogamous vows, you negotiate a ban on sex with other partners. If your relationship is in a place where it seems justified, stop, analyze the state of affairs and consider all options. It might be time to go for a consultation. Or, perhaps, it is worth ending the old relationship.

It is never justifiable to cheat. When problems arise, it is better to go to an open discussion, because betrayal and lies bring only destruction and pain.

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Author: Kurt Smith, Psy. D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC

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