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Beginning A Friendship With The Emotional Self - Self-development
Beginning A Friendship With The Emotional Self - Self-development

Video: Beginning A Friendship With The Emotional Self - Self-development

Video: Beginning A Friendship With The Emotional Self - Self-development
Video: 8 Simple Self Improvement Principles 2023, March

You probably heard the phrase "Be kind" in childhood? In most cases, it was not about what you were doing, but about how you felt. One friend of mine said: “I remember crying when I was angry. But I was told not to cry. You shouldn't be angry, sad is bad, and crying is completely ugly. " Moving through the emotional life has become a minefield

Dangerous game of hide and seek

Emotional suppression can lead to problems.

Anxiety and depression: unexpressed emotions are directed inward and immobilize, discourage, and create an inner emptiness that grows over time if left alone.

Dislocation: disease in the body. Psychosomatic manifestations are a frequent guest in human life. It can be suppression of your emotions, your passions, your creative self.

Perception: Once suppressed, an emotion is difficult to perceive. When a huge amount of time is spent hiding these "annoying feelings", they are greatly pushed into the background. And then, when faced with them, it is difficult to understand what it is and where it comes from.

The benefits of harmony

1. Authenticity

All your emotions are who you really are. If you cannot express your dissatisfaction, it is difficult for you to express what you like.

It may seem a little rude to your surroundings at first, because people are not used to you expressing all of you. You can overdo it out of habit.

You may be louder and meaner than you intended, but this is just the first step, be kind to yourself. You will learn to feel balanced if you continue to allow yourself to emotions.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who knows how to sincerely show his feelings.

2. Confidence

When we sincerely express our emotions, people feel confidence emanating from us.

This will give you more credibility.

3. Less shame, more resilience

Of course, mistakes are possible in our expression of feelings. This is normal. There is no need for shame. We are all wrong.

Forgiving yourself allows you to move forward into fuller self-expression. When we don't allow ourselves to be wrong, the cycle continues and we repress ourselves again. Make mistakes, love yourself. All right. You are human.

Free the senses

How can we structure emotional chaos?

  • Screaming into your pillow. Our erratic emotional self does not always need a witness. And screaming can be therapeutic. So let yourself be so, your pillow sure won't mind.
  • Hug a tree. Just let all the accumulated emotions pour out of you into the ground or into a tree. We can often hear a call to help Mother Earth, but as strange as it sounds, back support also works! Use this.
  • Dance. Music that suits your mood. Don't try to calm your emotions. Put on a track that will release your crazy emotions. The only important thing is to release it all. Get excited and let the magic begin, move the way you want.

Be friends with your inner self!

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