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Hysteroids - Who Are These People? - Society
Hysteroids - Who Are These People? - Society

Video: Hysteroids - Who Are These People? - Society

Video: Hysteroids - Who Are These People? - Society
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From the earliest years of life, a small hysteroid does not tolerate a situation when another child is praised with him, and he himself is “hidden in the shadows”. To please everyone is the main condition for the full existence of such people. Imagine two girls of the hysterical type brought to a music school

The first is set as an example to others, they admire her talent, and the second, although not considered mediocre, is not praised or stimulated. Which of them will stay in music seriously and for a long time? Of course, the first one. The second will tolerate, tolerate the dismissive hushing up of their successes - and will go to seek attention in some other area, for example, in sports.

Cupid's arrows

Hysteroid adolescents, as a rule, are overwhelmed with a desire to assert themselves on the basis of love. They start to get involved early in building romantic relationships. It's not about their early biological maturation and libido (it, as a rule, remains equally cold throughout life), but precisely in the desire for a partner to recognize their amazing personality.

Yes, exactly amazing, because even when the hysteroid has absolutely nothing to show to the world, he longs to stun and delight.

Among the behavioral reactions of hysterical boys and girls, suicidal behavior comes out on top

Faced with the "disobedience" of someone's heart, a teenager with a hysterical personality structure can inflict self-cuts in his forearm (as a rule, shallow, designed only to attract attention and cause guilt). And on the eve of the incident, it is quite likely that a farewell letter will be written with flowery phrases about unfulfilled hopes and uncompleted weddings.

In fact, all these actions have nothing to do with true suicidal behavior and are "suicidal blackmail", but they may well impress the people to whom they were addressed.

The very same suicidal demonstration gives considerable satisfaction to hysterical egocentrism

Glory beams

The main desire of a person of this type is to live his life as if on a stage, in the light of the footlights, with the vigilant attention of others to his person. In order not to lose this attention, the hysteroid is ready for a lot.

One of my patients, a girl from an ordinary family, began to perform topless dances in a nightclub for the sake of admiring looks. At first it seemed to her that it was "cool", all the attention of visitors was really riveted to her. But later she understood the qualitative essence of this attention and began to feel used and "cheap".

She came to me for personal therapy in a state of depression. Since we are talking about a person of a group of norms, we managed to build a hierarchy of values with her, in which she could arouse interest and receive recognition without involving sexualization. As a result, she has been successfully working as a radio DJ for the third year already.

Life on display

People with a hysterical personality structure remain juvenile (immature, infantile) throughout their lives, so they have the ability to convince themselves of anything.

For example, such a person comes to the Tretyakov Gallery, while he has never really been a fan of painting. Why did he come? Show yourself, your incredible spiritual subtlety (which in fact does not exist, everything is simulated). He wants to show intelligence (which is also under great doubt, but sometimes found).

How will he behave there? If he comes alone, he will freeze in picturesque poses in front of great canvases. Then visitors will be able to appreciate his slender figure and the degree of spirituality. If there is a companion nearby, our hysteroid will crumble in depicting his delight in front of a particular picture, perhaps even trumping knowledge about the life of the artist who wrote it, so that his erudition and erudition become obvious.

If the hysteroid falls ill, believe me, he will furnish a picture of his illness on a true scale - he will go to bed in a beautiful dressing gown and will tell a friend or relative who has come to visit him for a long time about the intolerance of his sufferings (even if he is sick with the most banal angina).

The main psychological defense of the hysteroid is the repression of some traumatic moments from consciousness

For example, one of his relatives is ill, and a colleague invites to a party where there will be many interesting and influential people. And our hysteroid, as it were, “forgets” about his obligations to his relatives, to put it simply, will push them out to the periphery of consciousness.

If a person with a hysterical personality structure leads the team, this is a great grief for those who do not want to sing odes of admiration to him day and night. For the sake of maintaining his reputation, such a leader is ready for anything, he can play people against each other so that they, having quarreled, pay maximum attention to him.

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