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The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Intimate Places - Sex, Society
The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Intimate Places - Sex, Society

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Intimate Places - Sex, Society

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Intimate Places - Sex, Society
Video: female pleasure & male circumcision are just 2 topics covered by sex therapist Morgan Susan Taylor 2023, March
  • Russia: 2013
  • Directors: Natalia Merkulova, Alexey Chupov
  • Cast: Yuri Kolokolnikov, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Yulia Aug, Nikita Tarasov and others.

Today we are discussing the film "Intimate Places" directed by Natalia Merkulova and Alexei Chupov. The film shows in a broad stroke the various sexual problems of the residents of Moscow


The fashionable artist takes pictures of the "intimate places" of men and women. Free both internally and in personal life - he lives with two wives, not avoiding sex with other women.

intimate parts
intimate parts

The roles of the wives are distributed: one of them supports everyday life, the second helps in the development of Ivan. Ivan is infantile, selfish, lives with an emotional impulse and exploits women - for sex and inspiration.

He managed to put himself in such a way that his quirks are accepted unconditionally, because he is a creative person. Convenient rational explanation to yourself and others. Sometimes it happens that a person justifies his egoism and unwillingness to change something in himself: “I am what I am”.

Ivan talks a lot about freedom, but for him freedom, as for a teenager, is devoid of responsibility

Ivan's unusual death is symbolic. He realizes all his sexual desires without regard to other people who love him and, possibly, suffer.

To me it feels like a complete disregard for other people's boundaries. Wild animals in the zoo are taught not to cross the enclosure using an electric barrier. For Ivan, death from a vibrator struck by lightning is the last such warning.

Lyudmila Petrovna

From the movie

- Our public committee for the protection of morality has prepared an appropriate law for the Duma.

- That is, how, no eroticism at all? But what about the adaptation of the Russian classics? After all, there are many such scenes.

- I read Russian classics. I don't remember such scenes. There is a book, let them shoot as written.

Lyudmila Petrovna is an employee of the morality committee. A lonely, magnificent lady in years, hypocritically denouncing any manifestation of sexuality in the cinema.

She is working to create a law that can prohibit any manifestation of eroticism in films. Lyudmila Petrovna is the exact opposite of Ivan.

In the picture, two extremes of sexual behavior are conveyed through these characters. But Lyudmila Petrovna has a little secret - there is a vibrator in the bedside table, which she uses with pleasure.

If a person cannot accept something in himself, he will fight against it with others and condemn them

Here we are dealing with the shadow side of the personality. And in every hero of the film she manifests herself in one way or another.

Lyudmila Petrovna desperately needs love and especially its sexual manifestation. For some internal reason, this is inaccessible and unacceptable for her. Most likely, she was raised that way.

But even neutered cats retain biological instincts, so what about a mature woman of reproductive age? Trying to tear her Shadow away from herself, she stubbornly fights against immorality in the film industry.

intimate parts
intimate parts

Now we understand that the choice of her work is also not accidental. Her struggle with vice takes on such exaggerated forms that a woman becomes a laughing stock in the eyes of her colleagues. At the end of the film, natural sexual urges win out.

Sexual obsession haunts Lyudmila Petrovna and pushes her to take advantage of her official position and ask her chauffeur for sex. The mask of bigotry finally disappears from her face. At the end of the film, the two sexual extremes intersect, and this leads to a tragic denouement.

Eva and Sergey

The couple decided jointly not to have children. But Eve is pregnant and does not know how to tell her husband about it. Experiencing and internally not agreeing to an abortion, she is not yet ready to openly resist her husband's will. She wants to become a mother, but how to go with her husband to an open conflict?

intimate parts
intimate parts

In the picture, her open emotions are almost not shown, we can only guess about alienation, resentment and, ultimately, hatred of her husband. It is these feelings, caused by the categorical nature of her husband, that push her into the arms of a casual acquaintance - a magician, circus artist. Here, chance creates a love triangle in a bizarre way. Both husband and wife begin to feel a secret attraction to the magician.

Sergei is surprised by his homosexual desire and in anxiety hurries to get advice from his psychoanalyst. We can assume that the unwillingness to become a father is related to his latent homosexuality. And again we come into contact with the shadow side of the personality.

Alexey and Olga

The spouses are going through a crisis in family life. Alexey lost interest in his wife and is trying to solve this problem in any way. He can't have sex with Olga because he doesn't want her.

From the movie

- The children are asleep, I checked.

- I forgot to brush my teeth.

- Lesh …

- I quickly (goes to the bathroom and masturbates there).

The wife waits, then goes to bed.

It should be noted that this is a real epidemic. How many couples who turn to me, my colleagues, and just acquaintances, note the sexual cooling of one or both spouses. This happens imperceptibly, gradually, and attracts attention when you no longer have enough strength to cope on your own. Husband and wife find themselves in the balance of divorce. And Alexey is absolutely correct: "Treason is not an option."

Chilling occurs because the spouses are not caring for the relationship

A shift in roles usually occurs after the birth of a child. Husband and wife are no longer lovers, but become only parents.

From the movie

- Why did you run away?

- At the last moment I felt that it was treason.


The specialist that some of the heroes of the film go to is also weird. While trying to impress a professional with his wise philosophical reasoning, he really doesn't differ much from his clients.

I was surprised by his recommendations. And he can hardly help anyone. This is another manifestation of the shadow side of the personality, when a person tries to heal others, while he himself does not possess mental adequacy. This is often found in psychotherapy and psychology. Therefore, be extremely careful in choosing a specialist.

From the movie

- I'm working.

- Go undress (the psychologist brings home a prostitute).

Washes her hair in the bathroom.

- Money in the hallway.

Get out of the shadow

All sexual problems in the film are related to the Shadow, or archetype. Shadow is a concept in analytical psychology, an autonomous part of a person's personality, consisting of negative attitudes, thoughts, and behavioral models that he cannot accept in himself due to a moral conflict.

What to do with the shadow side of the personality, how to curb it? You need to be honest with yourself and admit that you have a problem. You do not accept something in yourself.

Accepting a problem is the first important step in solving it

After that, you need to decide whether what you are replacing is really unacceptable? If so, you need to try to negotiate with this part of the personality. There are many techniques in psychotherapy that will allow you to do this. With their help, you will learn how to track the manifestations of your shadow and control it.

When the inner moral conflict is resolved, life will become much easier

After all, forces are wasted on displacing the unacceptable. Consequently, you can use the freed up resources to achieve goals and desires that are meaningful to you.

I am sure that sex should only bring joy and pleasure, enriching your life with bright and positive emotions.

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