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Hooray, Holidays! - Blogs, Society
Hooray, Holidays! - Blogs, Society

Video: Hooray, Holidays! - Blogs, Society

Video: Hooray, Holidays! - Blogs, Society
Video: 12/22/07 TALKY BLOG: Hooray For Holidays DAY TWO 2023, March

From this text you will find out why all parents who have lived to the end of the school year are smart and they (you!) Have something to be proud of

Chu, do you hear?.. They shout! "Hooray, holidays!" But voices like not only children, but also adults. And there is. The joy of parents from the onset of summer holidays is genuine, fresh, like a spring wind.

What is New Year?

Here, of course, we will talk about the academic year, not Santa Claus, although his miracles would not be in the way. At the end of August, mothers, tired over the summer, joyfully anticipate that the children will finally go to school, get down to business, and they will be able to "breathe out". After the summer battles for the tablet (“I don’t do my homework, I’m on vacation!”), After difficult locations for moving the child, after an independently organized cultural program (“Mom, I'm bored!”).

But happiness doesn't last long. Someone before the first "wrong" assessment in the electronic diary, someone - before the first given presentation, and someone from the morning disheveled nerves that can barely be combed in the evening, to "don't-want- do homework".

"Congratulations on the start of the academic year, we wish you success and good luck!" - this phrase on the school ruler sounds touching only for parents of first graders. And the rest ironically think that one should wish for a miracle.

An ordinary day, ordinary things

And here's a typical day for an average parent whose child goes to school:

  • … lifting yourself up, then lifting the child. If there are several children, the problem gets new levels of difficulty.
  • … in the morning a parent must: cook porridge, braid pigtails, know where the lost textbook and physical training uniform are ("… I definitely put it back!"), Wipe the tears twice. You also need to be able to answer philosophical questions: "Who needs this stupid school?", "Why is this stupid … (well, you understand) form?", "Why did they come up with the idea of starting lessons so early."
  • … to complete the quest "leave the house on time, completely collecting yourself and the child." Those who manage on a daily basis receive the sympathetic smack of a personal angel.
  • … to calm down after the morning training session, to be able to work (or what parents do there in between school-related activities).
  • … pick up the child from school, track his mood. Suddenly he urgently needs psychological help. Suddenly, you will urgently need psychological help when you find out what the little fellow has done this time.
  • … pass the level "Go do your homework!" without losses for the eardrums of the child and others.
  • … Check the electronic diary. Thinking a lot. Try to maintain composure and regrowth of Zen.
  • … discover that without your affectionate hovering over him, the child does anything but homework. Put things in order in this area: sit down and help the child, putting aside all your affairs and possible amenities.
  • … Realize that you completed three rewrite sentences together in just an hour. Of course, this hour was not spent in vain. It was accompanied by philosophical conversations on the topics: "Who needs this stupid school?", "Who needs these … homework?", "Why should I learn Russian at all, am I already writing competently?" Variations: "Why do I need mathematics, I decided to be a hairdresser", "Why do I need geography, there are electronic maps and a navigator."
  • … visit a great chat in Votsap 30 times a day. Sometimes even 100 times, if there is a heated discussion, whether to give the teacher red roses, or pink ones. Seriously take part in voting and discussion. And remember that only weaklings leave the race (leave the chat).
  • … All day long, at any moment to remember about the personality, freedom of choice. So and so, trying to figure out how it (damn it!) Fits in with the school schedule and workload?
  • … to put the child to bed, because tomorrow is to school, and to study, you need to sleep. Of course, with philosophical conversations on the topic … well, you get the idea. At this point, your personal angel writes a paper “upward” asking him to give you an unexpected luck bonus.

Pleasant chores

And that's just about what happens every day! But there are also unexpected activities …

  • … a call to a teacher, head teacher or even director. Don't worry, the eye will stop twitching in two weeks. Probably.
  • … "projects". "The project should be done by a child, of course, but you can help him" - great! In first grade, full presentation and self. What a conspiracy of silence and deceit?
  • … parenting meetings. Two or even three hours lost from life, a summary of which can be summed up in about a couple of phrases: “We have filled in some applications. They told the parents to better watch how the child learns and behaves. "
  • … Departure with the class to the theater as an accompanying person. See how everyone and your child behaves when he is with everyone. Thinking a lot.
  • … on a temporary rise in responsibility and philanthropy, as well as realizing the mission "Who else but me ?!", to volunteer to the parent committee. Do not think at that moment that it is for a whole year. And it is possible that for the whole school life. Taking this opportunity, I want to say: praise to all parenting committees! These are special people!

Crawl to the finish line

In May, two categories of tired people come to me for consultation: children falling from fatigue and their exhausted mothers. Children want nothing more than to be left behind. For some reason, moms want to work on topics related to study, school motivation, routine and lesson preparation. Although it is clear that it is too late to do this in May. And the holidays are just around the corner.

In order to make it at least a little easier, working with a psychologist can talk about practice, about building new skills - both for parents and children. In any case, they will not have time to either work out or gain a foothold in the time remaining before the end of classes. Therefore, I take it as a cry from the heart and recommend coming in October.

October is a good month. It is already clear how the process is going, but there is still no fatigue in the style of “I was crushed by a hundred volumes of the Soviet Encyclopedia”. And May is for anticipation, hope and belief.

We did it

Anyway, the school year is over. With what you, comrades parents, and congratulations! You've done a lot. And these three months without waking up in the morning, lessons, projects, meetings, class events, uniforms and philosophical conversations are rightfully yours.

Let's be proud of ourselves! Hooray, holidays

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