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Hypertime - Who Are They? - Self-development
Hypertime - Who Are They? - Self-development

Video: Hypertime - Who Are They? - Self-development

Video: Hypertime - Who Are They? - Self-development
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In childhood, hyperthymes are characterized by a tendency to noisy games, mischief and disturbance. As adolescents, they love to organize and lead groups of their peers. With a good ability to grasp everything on the fly and a lively mind, they are restless and learn unevenly. They put buttons on chairs, shoot with a slingshot - all this amuses and amuses them


The main feature of hypertima is almost always high spirits and good vitality. Sometimes this elated state is replaced by outbursts of anger or aggression. As a rule, they arise if hyperthymes receive any social rebuff, cross someone's path, for example, with their excessive energy.

They do not tolerate the regime of strictly regulated existence, preferring the life of a “free artist”. Usually they have good appetite and healthy sleep. With heavy physical exertion and lack of sleep, they retain a reserve of internal strength and energy and can keep on it for a long time.

They are indiscriminate in dating, as a rule this happens due to natural frivolity. These people love drive and thrill, not the routine and consistency of what is happening. Hyperthyms are always for spontaneity, including spontaneous sex.

One of my patients flies to Italy twice a year, ostensibly "for shopping", but in fact indulges there in the joys of spontaneous acquaintances with an intimate continuation, which she cannot afford in Moscow.

Eternal drive

You will recognize hypertima not only by the serene smile that does not leave his face, but also by the speed of speech, which Tina Kandelaki can envy. Sometimes it seems that such a person simply cannot speak smoothly and measuredly. And he really cannot, from everything slow - movements, speech - he is terribly tired.

The best way to rest and restore energy for hyperthymes is through active action. They are the most frequent visitors to fitness clubs. They love new people, new places, new items.

The best gift for a hyper-spouse is a trip. Even having gone there without you, he (a) will receive many vivid impressions, get to know everyone and enjoy the colors of this world in full amplitude. But whether he will remain faithful to you is a big question.

The very problem of "loyalty" seems to hypertimu far-fetched and not worthy of attention. Affection in a relationship threatens to turn into a dull and routine existence for him. But this hypertim will try to avoid at any cost

Therefore, if he does not cheat on you in the literal sense of the word, he still does not want to spend all his time with you, you may not hope for that. There will always be people to whom he will from time to time strive and with whom he may not even introduce you, so that you do not encroach on them.

His contacts are his personal contacts, he is extremely reluctant to share them. But he can willingly use your money, because his own material resources are usually not enough hypertimu. These people are always "chic", show off, in general, they often spend more than they earn.

A young woman of the hyperthymic type came to the psychotherapeutic group, which I led for the patients of my department for five years. She was distinguished by speedy speech, always an elevated background of mood and, in my opinion, superficial judgments. For her 36 years old, she thought extremely childishly. At the same time, the woman was successful in marriage, was able to attract a well-earning person into her life. She criticized her husband all the time for being too serious and lacking in romanticism. In all her thinking and behavior, there was the main hyperthymic vector - the focus on getting pleasure and drive.

In the nineties there was a hit "You need to live high". The title of this song can be considered the motto of hyperthymic people. Thanks to their good tone and quick response, they become excellent reporters, advertising agents, and sales managers.

Hyperthymes are rarely prone to activities of a more routine nature. They can break laws due to their always willingness to take risks. But they are sociable, the future seems to them bright and filled with incredible adventures.

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