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Are You A Narcissist? - Self-development
Are You A Narcissist? - Self-development

Video: Are You A Narcissist? - Self-development

Video: Are You A Narcissist? - Self-development
Video: Narcissist's Idea of Personal Development 2023, March

Narcissism is one of nine commonly diagnosed disorders. The intensity of the disorder can vary with stage (age), environmental factors (employment, family dynamics), and trauma. One of the fundamental commandments of personality disorder is the inability to accurately perceive reality

In an attempt to find a characterization of the behavioral characteristics of her boss, Anna came across a definition of narcissism on the Internet. Anna has read several articles on this subject. At first she saw that her boss was narcissistic, but then she thought about her personality type.

Continuing to study the topic, Anna was confused. It often seemed to her that she could not see things the way others did, actively used the authority that was dictated by her managerial position. There were moments when she convinced herself that she could not be a narcissist.

How to check?

She began to wonder, "Have others seen her like this?" So she did a little research, asking herself and honestly answering the questions:

  • 1. Do you think you are better than others?
  • 2. Do you fantasize about your unlimited strength, success, intelligence and attractiveness?
  • 3. Do you exaggerate your achievements and talents in front of others?
  • 4. Do you expect others to continually praise and admire you?
  • 5. Do you think you are a special person and can only communicate with other special people?
  • 6. Do you often show little or no empathy for others?
  • 7. Do you expect others to agree with your ideas and plans?
  • 8. Are you using the various benefits for your own personal gain?
  • 9. Do you despise those who are inferior to you in various spheres of life?
  • 10. Do you believe others are jealous of you and your success?
  • 11. Do you have problems in close relationships, especially with family members?
  • 12. Do you set unrealistic goals and goals for other people?
  • 13. Are you lying to get what you want or what you think you deserve?
  • 14. Do you easily get offended and hate being ignored?
  • 15. Do you find yourself charming?
  • 16. Can you abruptly and without remorse end the relationship?
  • 17. Are you arrogant?
  • 18. Do you believe that everything around is for you?
  • 19. Do you rarely apologize to others?
  • 20. Are you selfish?

Anna realized that she had half of the signs listed above. She decided to work on herself in order to reduce her narcissistic inclinations.

It is best to get tested with a specialist to determine the severity of the disorder, and if there is any at all.

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Author: Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

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