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Fairytale Therapy For Adults. Why Do We Need Fairy Tales? - Self-development
Fairytale Therapy For Adults. Why Do We Need Fairy Tales? - Self-development

Video: Fairytale Therapy For Adults. Why Do We Need Fairy Tales? - Self-development

Video: Fairytale Therapy For Adults. Why Do We Need Fairy Tales? - Self-development
Video: Что же такое сказкотерапия? Fairy-tale therapy #Сказкотерапия# 2023, March

Why do we love fairy tales? Do all of us love them? Why would we write a story about ourselves or a story for someone? How does fairy tale therapy help to cope with fears, stress, negative experiences?

They say that adults who have not read fairy tales as a child cannot dream. In fairy tale therapy - a relatively new trend in modern psychotherapy - there is no moralizing, everything is different here. Through the fairy tale, the culture of the language is preserved, the morality of the individual is formed.

When a person prescribes a fairy tale, he creates his own unique story, and there is an unknown mystery in it. We can say that with the help of fairy tale therapy, a person heals the soul with a word.

The principles of fairy tale therapy

  • The fairy tale therapist gives the person who wrote the fairy tale the opportunity to leave with the resource.
  • When a person is in a difficult life situation, he sees only a limited number of ways out of it. Fairytale therapy helps to consider the situation from different angles.
  • In fact, no manifestation of the world around you should shake your personality. Through fairy tales there is a psychological impact on the personality.

How to create a fairy tale, or the theory of fairy tale creation

We offer three techniques for writing fairy tales:

Method 1.10 words

Write down any 10 words - nouns that come to mind. Don't think too long, the first six seconds is what the unconscious gives us. Choose from the entire list one word that will be the main one, and "weave" your fairy tale around it. Use absolutely all 10 words.

Method 2. By picture

You can use metaphorical associative cards. There are no meanings in the card, and this has a great advantage of writing history. Draw a card from the deck. Ask yourself questions: “Do you agree with the drawn card? What does she want to say? How did you reflect your problem?"

Method 3. By template

Write a fairy tale about your life, continuing the sentences you started:

  • My road is …
  • My path has a guardian …
  • When I walk my way, I feel (I want, I strive) …
  • To go my own way, I need …
  • Walking my way, I wish myself and others …

Your stories can be very different. For example, like this author's tale about the long-awaited spring.

There were two months before the beginning of summer. But nature does not have calendars, and even more so all numbers are alien to it. All animal life above and below the earth has missed the light, warmth, sun and long days. Even the worms tried at least occasionally to protrude from their underground dwellings and check if spring had come. The most impatient bugs and insects wandered in the wet snow, jumping from a blade of grass to the grass. And the bravest ones dared to jump on bushes and trees of different heights. The little and very young bug became quite unbearable. He had grandiose plans for the summer and for this life in general.

Fairytale therapy for adults
Fairytale therapy for adults

Early in the morning, he climbed a tree that grew in his park and found a tiny hollow there. Curiosity bursting with him, and he decided to look. As soon as he stuck his head in, the light illuminated him, one might say it dawned on him, but what is there - blinded! He saw a sleeping firefly. Timidly crawled up to him, sniffed. He already smelled of fragrant spring and miracles. But the firefly did not lead his hairy antennae. The beetle slowly touched the leg, quietly watching it. The firefly woke up, stretched himself - and the long-awaited Spring came.

When the story is written, you can discuss it with a psychologist working in this direction. Or independently analyze the text, think about what the described situations, fears can talk about, what are the prospects for development. And this will already be the first step towards a conscious life.

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