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How To Get Rid Of Procrastination - Self-development
How To Get Rid Of Procrastination - Self-development

Video: How To Get Rid Of Procrastination - Self-development

Video: How To Get Rid Of Procrastination - Self-development
Video: Procrastination – 7 Steps to Cure 2023, March

We bet you've wanted to go to the gym for a long time, but can't get yourself a tracksuit? Or have you wanted to re-glue the wallpaper for a long time, but everything is wrong in the stores? Or open your own business, but the niche is not the right one, then there is no money, then meteorites are falling? Or maybe you want to take care of your health, spend more time with your children, but something doesn't go well, it doesn't work out, because … There are a million variants of our "because". Meet - this is procrastination

Literally translated, procrastination is a delay, postponing until tomorrow. Of course, you can say that "this is a temporary phenomenon, there is nothing wrong with it," but procrastination is not so harmless.

Reasons for procrastination

Let's look at what procrastination is based on. Behind this term there is a destructive action - an action that prevents success, personal happiness, a pumped up priest and self-realization.

So what are the reasons for procrastination?

  • 1. Low motivation - a person simply does not understand what he will get, what "goodies" are waiting for him and why he needs it at all, as well as what results will appear in the future if any efforts are made now.
  • 2. Not sure what will happen. So one of my clients is constantly procrastinating dates (she can't even register on a dating site), hiding behind phrases like “no time, no photo, didn't have time to buy a dress”. In fact, the girl is simply afraid of rejection - that she will not like her, that the man will not call back, that no one will call her on a date at all.
  • 3. Lack of self-control, that is, when a person cannot complete what he has begun to the end and cannot control each completed stage, even if he realizes that he wants something and strives for something.
  • 4. Inability to manage your time (lame planning).

Now let's take a closer look at each reason, and you will understand what to do if you are visited by procrastination.

1. Low motivation

There is no such thing as "laziness", but there is the concept of "insufficient motivation". For example, if I now offer you to just run a hundred meters, then you are unlikely to run, right? What if I say that a prize awaits you at the finish line? They will run, but not all. What if a pack of wolves is chasing you? Then everyone will start to sparkle with their heels.

This example very clearly shows what kind of motivation is generally - motivation "from" and motivation "to". The first type of motivation is when they run for a prize, and the second type is when they run away from the wolves. By the way, in different situations and areas of your life, the type of motivation can change (for example, when playing sports, you run from excess weight, and at work you run to increase).

The most important thing to know about low motivation is that if you do not understand why you should run at all, make efforts, strain, then you will endlessly postpone the task and find 100,500 "important" things that do not allow you to start running, go for a massage, make repairs, lose weight, etc.

2. Not sure what will happen

If this is your reason, then you need to work on your inner beliefs. Many psychologists help to fight this.

To gain inner confidence, find your strengths and learn how to use them, it may be worthwhile to sign up for a consultation or take a thematic training. I am not going to describe the techniques for dealing with uncertainty now, because this volume cannot be contained in one or even two articles.

3. Lack of self-control

You need to understand that in order to complete a task, you need to set aside a certain amount of time every day. Don't think that I have never faced these problems. I faced and put into practice everything that I am writing to you now.

For example, now I am writing my book and this is exactly the same routine process for which you need to find time every day, but it is difficult to do this (we are all extremely busy people, you must agree). To combat the procrastination of writing a book, I made myself a rule - set aside 30 minutes every day. It doesn't matter what is around - rain, snow, meteorites, the lights were turned off, the laptop was discharged - I will still write a book for 30 minutes a day (even on my phone, but I write).

In general, procrastinators almost universally suffer from the fact that they are constantly distracted by something. Therefore, if the "lack of self-control" is your problem, then turn off all gadgets, log out of social networks, turn off wi-fi, that is, minimize all possible distractions, and do what is necessary.

4. Lame planning

Allocate your time in such a way that you will definitely have the necessary few hours to implement your plan. For example, if you are looking for a new job, then set aside an hour a day to send resumes, find new vacancies, etc. Use the Eisenhower square, time management principles, reminders on the phone, etc.

Well, at the end of the article I will not tell you sentimental stories, but I will just share a short guide for beginners "How to get rid of procrastination and start doing something?" - just get started

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