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A Real Girl. Book About You - Reviews, Society
A Real Girl. Book About You - Reviews, Society

Video: A Real Girl. Book About You - Reviews, Society

Video: A Real Girl. Book About You - Reviews, Society
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Klimova Lena

A real girl. The book is about you

M.: Publishing solutions, 2018.

What a pity I didn't have this book when I was 12! The thousands of questions that plague any teenager have remained unanswered, or worse, with incorrect answers

The reflection in the mirror did not please, the changes taking place in the body frightened. And those books that I managed to get, did not support, did not teach me to defend my boundaries, did not explain plainly what was happening to me.

What did I find in these books? Only instructions on hygiene and instructions "Be feminine, smile!"

Present the book to a girl

If you have a daughter, niece, or even a neighbor of 12-14 years old, give her this book. This is a book-friend, she will tell you how to love and accept your body, how to understand your desires, how to deal with stereotypes and imposed values.

In an accessible language, the author explains that being a girl does not necessarily mean that you love cooking and washing, dressing "attractively" and dreaming of marriage. Not to be ashamed of the natural, to take care of your health, to accept the imperfections of yourself and those around you, to choose what you like, not to demand the impossible from yourself, to value your individuality, to allow yourself any emotions, including anger and resentment - this is what it means to be real girl!

10 rules of a real girl

1. You are smarter than you think

Don't belittle your achievements and achievements. Don't belittle them out of modesty. Don't belittle them to please someone. You are very smart. You are capable of achieving a lot.

2. Everyone is imperfect

Therefore, do not demand perfection from yourself. Therefore, do not make the other person an indisputable authority and idol.

3. Doubt

Doubt everything you learn. Take nothing for granted. Check it out. Compare information from different sources. Distinguish between facts and opinions. If truth exists, it is born in doubt.

4. Don't trust generalizations

Most generalizations are false. (Note, I did not write "All generalizations are false" because it is not true; "All people are mortal" is a generalization and a true statement.) Do all normal girls dream of a husband and children? Really?

5. Don't be afraid to stumble

There are no mistakes, there is only experience. Don't say, "I was wrong today." Ask: "What have I learned today?" You will not step on the same rake a second time. Step on the others? May be. And you will learn new things.

6. Trust your feelings

If you have a feeling inside you “It seems that something is wrong” - listen to it.

7. And it will pass

Losses, disappointments, pain, losses await you ahead. Know: you can handle it. It will hurt you, it will hurt you very much, and this pain will bring you resilience.

8. You can't please everyone

Whatever you do, there will always be those who will not like it. They will criticize, humiliate or insult you. Should you listen to them? After all, on the other side there are those for whom what you do is very important.

9. There is no sense of life

More precisely, there are no ready-made recipes. You yourself will find your own meaning. What is important to you; what brings joy to you. Nobody will answer for you what is the main thing in life. Is this a job? Career? Hobbies? Friendship? A family? Children? Hobby? Travels? Creation? Self-knowledge? Searching for the truth? The science? Creation? Life on its own? You will find the answers yourself, at least one, at least a few. Just do not make the main thing in the life of another person, no matter how wonderful he is.

10. You are valuable. You are important

You deserve respect. Your thoughts matter. Your actions matter. You matter.

And the last thing: before giving this book to the girl, read it yourself, make a present for yourself

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