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You Love One, The Other Loves You - Blogs

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Video: You Love One, The Other Loves You  - Blogs
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The question is, of course, provocative, and there can be no “correct” answer. Both the reasoning and the answer with his argumentation are the diagnostics of balance in the relationship with the world. What does the respondent prefer: give or take?

Ideally, both are necessary, and in equal proportions. It is like inhaling and exhaling, day and night, summer and winter - a dynamic balance of two opposites.

The prevalence of the “take” position speaks of infantilism and egoism

The child is egocentric, he believes that he is in the center of the world and the world should take care of him and serve his needs. At the same time, the child himself owes practically nothing in response: the parent-child relationship is not symmetrical. Someone retains the same attitude in adulthood: “They owe me,” “Let them take care of me,” etc. Such a person, when passing the test, decides to save the one who loves him.

But behind the choice "Save the one I love" may be sacrificial behavior

And also the desire to overprotect, to overly care about the object of your love. Often, the basis is a compensatory mechanism: in childhood, there was not enough love, attention, care, and in adulthood, such a person begins to project his own deficiencies and problems onto others and take care of them.

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