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How To Recognize A Psychopath - Quality Of Life, Society
How To Recognize A Psychopath - Quality Of Life, Society

Video: How To Recognize A Psychopath - Quality Of Life, Society

Video: How To Recognize A Psychopath - Quality Of Life, Society
Video: ASPD: The Psychopath, Sociopath, & How to Spot Them 2023, March

In modern psychiatry, the term "psychopath" is practically not used, since its sounding unethical, experts prefer to call this condition "personality disorder". There are personality disorders of the excitable type, hysterical, paranoid, asthenic, etc. Under all these terms, we mean different types of psychopathy. What is this state, why does it arise, how long does it last and what consequences can it lead to?

As I want, it will be so

Is psychopathy a disease? It turns out not. Psychopathy is not schizophrenia, not recurrent or bipolar depression (endogenous inherited diseases).

Rather, these are the consequences of improper upbringing in a family or society, where the child was either overprotected (not trusted as a person), or was openly "broken" and ignored vital needs. In both cases, a person has a desire to defend himself and fight for his right to live the way he wants, and not his parents and society.

The little girl was brought to kindergarten for the first time. Prior to that, all four years of her life, a hysterical mother (I do not want to offend anyone with the word "hysterical", but only emphasize the personality radical of this woman) instilled in her daughter that she called her a unique name. The child enters the kindergarten group, begins to get acquainted with the children and finds out that one of the babies is her namesake! Try to imagine what is happening at such a moment in the soul of a child! It becomes clear that her mother lied to her, which means that she is a traitor, but you cannot be angry with your parents, everyone knows this. And the girl grabs the "offender's" favorite toy and drowns it in the toilet. A cry rises, educators run, the "criminal" is publicly punished, but the rebellious child has already made a decision never to appear in society unnecessarily. Parents have to pick up the girl from the kindergarten,and the child takes the path of denying the need for society, becomes an asocial psychopath.

Doctors will be able to make a diagnosis only after 17 years, and even then only if the need arises. For example, if addiction to alcohol or drugs joins psychopathy, or the behavior is deviant. In early childhood, it is rather difficult to differentiate "normal" from "abnormal".

Charming egoists

How to recognize such people in society? This is not difficult, especially if you know what criteria to focus on.

The psychopathic personality is usually devoid of empathy. You can notice this in any contact with such a person: he talks about himself with pleasure and tries to evoke sympathy, in other words, he spends your time on himself, but when you tell him something about yourself, your interlocutor gets bored before our eyes.

When you, shedding tears, tell him how difficult it was for you to take care of your ailing grandmother and that, despite all your efforts, she still died, he says: “I understand you, my dog died three years ago, and I was very worried with her then."

“Me, me and only me - we will only talk about me, and there are no more interesting topics in the world. Well, what about you? What are you there? You are interesting only insofar as you communicate with me."

Be careful, people with personality disorders (or psychopaths, in simple terms) can be extremely charming, and you will not immediately realize that their manipulation is gaining momentum. They will never communicate just like that, for the sake of love for the very process of communication - any of their communication makes sense.

The psychopath does not really need communication, he rather gets tired of it. But the need for something that you have is the motivation for communication. It could be your social connections, your money, or anything else that might be beneficial. Only do you need it yourself?

Psychopaths are usually ambitious and tend to achieve great things in life. For them, the goal is in the first place, not the ways of its implementation. If there were no such people in nature, our society would not know the majority of political leaders and military leaders.

The legendary Jeanne d'Arc was not an ordinary girl, but suffered from a personality disorder of a paranoid type, which led her to achieve a great goal.

You are on the sidelines

If you are not embarrassed by the secondary role in contact with such an individual, continue communication. But if you want a person to invest in you in about the same way as you do in him, immediately part with the psychopath.

But don't tell him about it directly, he won't understand you anyway. Just be “busy” on a regular basis, do not groan or gasp when he tells you about his next great achievement, but, on the contrary, yawn and show thereby how uninteresting it is to listen.

For your interlocutor - a psychopath, there is nothing more offensive than a disdainful attitude towards his person. As soon as he feels it, he will leave you himself.

Do not worry, he will soon find other people's "free ears". And you will start wasting your time on something more useful to you.

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