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The Benefits Of Madness - Quality Of Life, Reviews
The Benefits Of Madness - Quality Of Life, Reviews

Video: The Benefits Of Madness - Quality Of Life, Reviews

Video: The Benefits Of Madness - Quality Of Life, Reviews
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  • USA, 1990
  • Director: Frank De Felitta
  • Starring: Sharon Stone

What if you are confronted with the insanity of a loved one? It is important not to ignore the alarming symptoms, but to seek professional help: to a psychiatrist, psychiatrist-psychotherapist

Portraying madness

Angie is a young weird woman. Possessing beauty and sexuality, she shuns men and prefers the company of dolls. It would seem that everything can be explained by the recent attempt at rape and childhood problems, but everything is not so simple.

Gradually, the viewer realizes that someone is deliberately trying to drive the heroine crazy and is preparing a trap. Who and why? Angie decides to play along with the mysterious enemy, skillfully portraying madness.

Reality & Fantasy

Scissors is a psychological thriller that depicts insanity. The main criterion that distinguishes madness from the norm is a violation of reality testing, that is, a critical distinction between reality and fantasy. Madness can be temporary (for example, under the influence of a psychoactive substance) or, alas, a permanent property. The causes of insanity also vary.

Mental illness can be endogenous, that is, the reason lies within. For example, schizophrenia is genetically inherited. Endogenous mental illness is not always obvious, there are periods of remission when the patient behaves adequately. But then there is an aggravation, the connection with reality is broken.

A mental illness can be given from the outside, a consequence of psychological trauma: a strong traumatic event that violates psychological integrity. Over time, this trauma can heal and contact with reality will then return to normal.

For example, in the case of the loss of a loved one, one of the stages of the so-called "work of grief" is denial: the departed is spoken of as alive. The wife can “forget” about the death of her husband, cook dinner for him, and only then wake up. This is a defensive reaction of the psyche, not ready to realize the loss immediately, it takes time.

But there are psychological traumas, after which integrity is never restored, contact with reality remains disturbed. There is even such an expression: "Go crazy with grief." The pain is so great that unconsciously a person no longer wants to return to reality.

Contagious ideas

The danger of mental illness is that the close environment can be drawn into it, "induced into madness." Then the patient's environment shares his distorted view of reality. After all, the madman is so confident in his fantasies that this confidence becomes "contagious."

For example, a schizophrenic wife so convincingly tells her husband that neighbors are zombifying them through the wall with special radio waves that the husband, being initially normal, also begins to believe in it.

If you are faced with the insanity of a loved one, it is important not to ignore the alarming symptoms, but to seek professional help: a psychiatrist, psychiatrist-psychotherapist.

Dangerous games

But there is also this kind of distortion of reality, as the so-called "hysterical madness." This is a kind of game in which someone starts to play, feigning madness, and he believes in it. That's why he's so convincing. Why is he doing this? The answer, as in any detective story, is obvious: seek profit.

Hysterical Madness:

  • removes responsibility;
  • attracts attention;
  • makes it possible to manipulate others;
  • allows you to ignore other problems (for example, low academic performance);
  • evokes pity and sympathy from others, a desire to take care;
  • it can also bring obvious material benefits, for example, you can not work, your relatives support you.

The hysterical insanity will persist as long as the "sick person" does not want to give up these benefits and become healthy.

The glory of the "fatal blonde"

In the psychological thriller "Scissors" we see the madness of the main character. How it hinders her … and how it saves at a critical moment of meeting with a secret enemy, when he finally becomes apparent.

In addition to the gripping plot, the film is interesting because it reveals the acting skills of the famous Sharon Stone, young and little-known at that time. Later, the fame of the "fatal blonde" came to her, and the film "Basic Instinct" both glorified her and complicated her career.

The directors began to exploit her external data, without setting interesting acting tasks. The film "Scissors" proves that Sharon Stone deservedly has the status of one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood and the beauty of the actress is organically combined with talent and professionalism.