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6 Questions To Help You Return To Yourself - Self-development
6 Questions To Help You Return To Yourself - Self-development

Video: 6 Questions To Help You Return To Yourself - Self-development

Video: 6 Questions To Help You Return To Yourself - Self-development
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How often in our thoughts we get the feeling that something is going wrong. It seems that we are living someone else's life. And what should express other music is carried by other people's vibrations. Each of us experiences these feelings from time to time. Six important questions will help you return to yourself, fill your life with pleasure.

Just be yourself

Many books have been written about the existence of human existence, from Arthur Schopenhauer to Irwin Yalom. And nevertheless, a person needs to know the answer, he is in eternal search, "how to live his life." Often the answer is life itself, filled with events and deeds, dreams and benefits, pleasure and search. Listening to our needs, we go our way in the flow of days.

It happens that a person strives for a different state. As if now he is a gray hare, but he would like to be white. So often we lose sight of the process of reincarnation itself. We boldly sweep aside everything unnecessary, in our opinion, and rush only forward towards the goal in order to become different. But, oddly enough, it is this part of life that we ignore that changes us.

Changes are taking place in the present moment: while we are scrolling through the feed on the social network, drinking coffee, listening to music, getting into the transport, applauding and smiling

This is our personal life. It is she who is lined in front of our feet when we go to the peaks, when we move from one state to another. Walking along it, we find ourselves, receiving all the most important. When we pay attention to the present moment, we give ourselves the opportunity to live not “yesterday” or “tomorrow”, but now and today.

How to learn to write a story about yourself?

The answer is obvious - you just need to allow yourself to do it. Since childhood, have you wanted to study ballet, but now it's too late? Yes, perhaps the time for photographs on the podium and awards standing in a row on the shelf has already sunk into oblivion. But no one forbids doing for yourself, for the soul, for the mood.

The number of years cannot be a hindrance; you already have the necessary knowledge and meaningfulness for further actions. You will undoubtedly get better results because you know that through aspiration you can move mountains. Simply because this has long and always been wanted.

Often a person is looking for a role model outside, forgetting or even not knowing that his inner engine lives in him. It is he who can motivate to write a story about himself and for himself

A story about my life

Answer 6 important questions to help you return to yourself:

  • 1. Why should I do now what I don't want to do?
  • 2. What prevents me from doing what brings joy and pleasure to me personally?
  • 3. What prevents me from enjoying and living life right now?
  • 4. Who will criticize, evaluate and condemn me if I start following my desires and aspirations?
  • 5. Living not my life, what and to whom am I trying to prove it?
  • 6. What personally do I need to do to live and enjoy life?

Answering these questions sincerely will help you move closer to autonomy in life decisions.

It would be good to add to all this one more important point - to accept yourself and love

Learn to find an inner motive

Overcoming the habit of limiting and blaming yourself requires a lot of energy and desire. Throwing away the unnecessary tinsel of negative thoughts about yourself, you will need to replace them with positive ones. Among the new skills there will be a habit of noticing the good in oneself and finding unique sides, creating one's own little story of success and achievements.

  • Refuse to compare yourself to others or imitate them.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy your own actions and decisions.
  • Replace destructive thoughts with life-affirming ones.
  • Reflect on your desires and values, try to outline a plan for their implementation.
  • Move at your own pace, savoring the speed and every moment of life.
  • In your daily activities, find your own developmental challenge and resource for joy.
  • Even in simple everyday activities, find motivation for yourself.

Dare to live your life, be present in it. And live every new day with pleasure

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