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Psychological Detox - Self-development
Psychological Detox - Self-development

Video: Psychological Detox - Self-development

Video: Psychological Detox - Self-development
Video: 7 Ways to Detox Your Emotional Well Being 2023, March

Here it is, spring is on the doorstep! But the anticipation of the first warm days can be spoiled by vitamin deficiency, fatigue and bad mood. With vitamins, everything is more or less clear, but how to deal with toxic feelings and thoughts? I suggest you conduct a psychological detox and welcome spring in a good mood

My home is my castle? Or an abandoned warehouse?

You may have already heard the calls for decluttering. It's not just cleaning the house, it's a creative activity that tweaks your brain to get rid of everything you don't need. You agree to part with something that was useful yesterday but is not used today.

Old T-shirts, gifts from the ex, reminders of past defeats and illnesses … After them, obsolete relationships and old grievances will fly into the trash can. And all this will be replaced by fresh ideas and new acquaintances. Arm yourself with trash bags and be merciless!

It's about the body

Everyone knows well how a corn or headache can ruin your mood. An unhealthy spirit lives well in an unhealthy body. While caring about your mental well-being, you must not forget about your physiological needs.

  • When detoxing, opt for lean meals.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and strong tea. Indulge in healthy herbal drinks.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take care of the quality and quantity of your sleep.
  • Take a fragrant bath, pamper yourself with a massage, walk in the fresh air.


1. Keep a diary

Buy a thick notebook and write down all your experiences for the day in it. Anything that upset, angry, or frightened you. Try to remember a few pleasant experiences and describe them briefly.

In this way, you will throw out all the negativity on paper, and memories of the good will save you from the thought that only bad things happen to you.

2. Arrange on the shelves

In order to be effective, evaluate the field that you have to "plow". Make a list of everything that makes you unhappy, sad, and discouraged.

Salary? Noisy neighbors? Loneliness? A crack in the ceiling? Headache? Pressure from a close friend? Or your blood pressure? Write it all down in a notebook. Next to each problem, indicate how you can solve it.

Organize all this annoying chaos into neat lines! Some problems will require quick, practical action, while others will take longer and deeper. Make a consistent plan and start following it.

3. Forgive

Resentment against parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, against ourselves, against fate is a heavy bag of cobblestones that we carry on ourselves. We drag this heavy load behind us everywhere and everywhere.

There are many ways to forgive. You can write a frank letter to the offender, you can use the empty chair method (imagine that a "villain" is sitting on it, and express everything in the harshest form) or repeat affirmations ("I forgive Lucy and wish her all the best").

There is always something to thank those who hurt us for. This is the understanding that it is better not to trust this person, and important information about our weaknesses and shortcomings, sometimes even an incentive to become better …

Choose the methods you like and go for it! Don't hold the grudge inside. Remember to forgive yourself too. Feelings of guilt are not the best companions in life.

4. Destroy incorrect settings

Find in yourself all these "I am not worthy", "I am obliged", "I cannot" … Write down the unfortunate ones on paper and send them to the trash can. But before you do this, compose their opposite:

  • I am worthy of love!
  • I can say no!
  • I can handle!

Every time a harmful belief comes up, repeat the new version seven times.

5. Get rid of stress

Emotional junk keeps us from enjoying life. Let's start getting rid of it regularly. Buy a loose-leaf pad and have your pencils ready. Every unpleasant emotion recorded on "your territory" must be identified and sketched.

For example, an acquaintance made you very angry … At the first suitable moment, we take out a notebook and draw our anger as it appears to you. Concentrate on the sensations in the body. Chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid pulse … Perhaps you will get something red and black, expressive. Draw until it becomes easier.


Look at the results of your work. Here it is, your anger. 10 minutes ago she was somewhere deep inside you, and now she is in your hands. Do you need it? Crumple the drawing, tear it, burn it. What do you want to do with her? The choice is yours.

6. Find your inspiration

We are looking for stability in everything. Relationships, work, housing … But when life takes on a more or less stable form, monotony begins to weigh us down. Every day, the same walls, the same doors, the same faces, and the same to-do list.

In some cases, it is really time to change your job, housing or partner, but if you are not striving for such global changes, find yourself a new hobby or remember the old one.

I want to pay special attention to painting. There are many adult courses available now. It seems to many that they are unable to learn to draw. But this is not the case. Let a brilliant artist not come out of everyone, but the interior of your apartment will be decorated with your creations, and the mood will be at its best.

Do you want to paint? Find what you like best. A new hobby will be a breath of fresh air for you in the cage of everyday life.

7. Remember all

Bracelets with charm pendants are very popular now. You can choose these pendants according to your taste and create an individual decoration. Charms come in the form of figurines with professional attributes (pen, artist's palette, camera, typewriter, scissors) depicting marital status, interests and preferences.

You don't have to buy gold items. There are many analogs available. It is not the price that is important for us, but the idea. Choose pendants that symbolize your achievements, what you value, what you are proud of.

This handy "reminder" will help you to believe in yourself again.


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