How To Cope With Adaptation After Vacation At The Resort - Opinions
How To Cope With Adaptation After Vacation At The Resort - Opinions

Video: How To Cope With Adaptation After Vacation At The Resort - Opinions

Video: How To Cope With Adaptation After Vacation At The Resort - Opinions
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As you know, Thailand is a favorite vacation spot for our compatriots. The bright sun, warm sea, sand on the beach like snow-white powder, beautiful nature, smiling locals, delicious varied food and distinctive culture - all this undoubtedly attracts Russians.

In the conditions of our winter, when the sun appears for several hours a month, it is difficult to be in a state of complete harmony and satisfaction with life. That is why everyone who has the opportunity to relax abroad does not miss it.

And now comes the moment of returning from vacation to a familiar environment. As a rule, most people experience a slight blow to the newly rested body during this period. Indeed, instead of a warm and friendly Thailand, we return to gray Moscow, bustle, traffic jams and everyday rhythm.

The body can experience a feeling of fatigue, perhaps even more moral and psychological than physical.

We do not recommend starting work immediately after returning from vacation. If the flight was long, plan your return home in such a way that you have two to three days in reserve for the body to adapt.

To recover faster, extend your vacation. In this case, you can visit a massage parlor and relieve the emerging flight fatigue.

In the salons of the Thai spa "Wai Tai" you will not only prolong the pleasure of your vacation, but will also find the strength to quickly join the usual rhythm of life by visiting the "Blow on Fatigue" program.

The enhanced impact on the legs and neck-collar zone will allow you to quickly get rid of tension and stress, restore the psycho-emotional state and lost strength after a long flight.

As you know, the feet are a projection of the energy points of the human body, inextricably linked with all internal organs. That is why foot massage in Thai philosophy is an incredibly important component of harmony and health. He is able to harmonize all the necessary processes in the human body.

By combining a foot massage with a neck and neck massage, you will relieve not only physical muscle tension, but also emotional tension. In the caring hands of Thai masters, you will feel as easy as possible. Complete relaxation, immersion in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, a bright emotional state without anxiety - this is exactly what every person needs to maintain their physical and mental health within the modern metropolis.

In the salons "Wai Thai" work masters from Thailand, who own all the techniques and methods of performing high-quality massage. You will be shown maximum attention and individual approach when choosing any procedure.

At the end of each program, you will be treated to ginger tea, which is prepared by Thai masters according to traditional recipes.

Relaxing music, candles, aroma in the air, friendly staff and the atmosphere in Wai Tai will immerse you in a harmonious and meditative state of sunny Thailand, give your body new strength to quickly adapt to a familiar environment.


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