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Train Your Dragons - Reviews, Self-development
Train Your Dragons - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Train Your Dragons - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Train Your Dragons - Reviews, Self-development
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Stephens H

Train your dragons

Saint Petersburg: Peter, 2018.

The author of the book is a famous American psychologist. He has developed a methodology that allows people to identify their deepest problems and remove barriers that stand in the way of a happy, harmonious life.

The main characters of the book are seven dragons. These are not mythical creatures, but fear-based behavioral responses, "personal obstacles." Here they are: greed, arrogance, impatience, stubbornness, self-deprecation, a tendency to martyrdom and self-destruction.

Stevens built them in pairs:

  • the dragon of arrogance stands next to the dragon of self-abasement,
  • the dragon of impatience - with the dragon of martyrdom,
  • the dragon of greed - with the dragon of self-destruction,
  • the seventh dragon - the dragon of stubbornness - is able to get along with each of the six previous ones.

All these monsters are cunning and insidious, they skillfully hide in our souls. However, Jose Stevens knows how to find and neutralize them.

After reading the book, you can tame your dragons and use their power to your advantage. Monsters will cease to hinder your inner growth and will even help you realize your potential.

You cannot change yourself without getting rid of your inner fears. To face your own fears is to look into the dark, gloomy recesses of yourself. And not in order to feel remorse, shame or engage in self-flagellation, but in order to release the potential life forces enclosed in them.

Dragons perfectly disguise themselvesas ambition, talents, strength, modesty, self-sacrifice and masculinity

They hide and trap us. And we need to learn to recognize their destructive impact on our lives. The author offers effective methods of fighting dragons, but still no book is able to do all the work for you.

You may be armed with the most perfect knowledge, but they alone are not enough to defeat these insidious creatures. To defeat them, you will have to take the most decisive action. In the book, you will find recommendations for these actions, which will help you figure out exactly what steps you should take. After that, it's up to you.

You will be able to turn your shortcomings into advantages, get rid of complexes and come to a fulfilling life

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