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Film "Fracture": The Reference Points Of Life - Reviews, Self-development
Film "Fracture": The Reference Points Of Life - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Film "Fracture": The Reference Points Of Life - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Film "Fracture": The Reference Points Of Life - Reviews, Self-development
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  • USA, Germany, 2007
  • Director: Gregory Hoblit
  • Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, etc.

By analogy with the acclaimed "Devil's Advocate", this film could be called "The Devil's Accuser."

Contrary to the laws of a detective thriller, the criminal is known from the very beginning: Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) kills his wife and calmly waits for the police to arrive. Assistant District Attorney Willie Beachum (Ryan Gosling) triumphs, all the evidence seems to be there, but his joy is premature: thanks to the cunning of the accused, the case falls apart like a house of cards. Not only does he escape responsibility himself, he also skillfully substitutes his wife's lover.

What will Willie do? Decide to back down and maintain a reputation as a brilliant winner? Or will he risk his winnings to restore justice?

At the beginning of the action, Willie is seen as a young, ambitious careerist. He wants fame, success, wealth. Work is just a means of achieving these goals. However, the situation changes when the conflict between him and Crawford develops into something personal. Willie realizes that Crawford is guilty and is not ready to back down. For the sake of justice, he is ready to sacrifice his past values: social achievements, all this "narcissistic tinsel".

The present determines the future

There are so-called "reference points" of life - choices that determine the further path. In Jungian psychology, this metaphor is reflected in the so-called "knight at the crossroads" archetype. Remember a frequent motive in fairy tales and myths - a knight stands by an epic stone and chooses one of the roads. At each of them, his losses and rewards await him.

It is the same in the reference point of life: a number of possibilities, symbolic roads open before us. Whichever road a person chooses now, so his life will continue to flow. Each road has its own pros and cons. Therefore, such a choice is a huge responsibility. What kind of pros and cons will be chosen?

The reference point is in the present, but it defines the future

Assessing the pros and cons

When making a choice at a reference point, it is important to evaluate not only the pros, but also the cons. For example, the groom may be a handsome and promising specialist, but at the same time he is a drug addict. Or a new employer offers a lot of money, but the activity is associated with a violation of the law. The choice at the reference point is not always determined by a greater plus, sometimes by a smaller minus.

Or the decision to have a child is also a reference point. The birth of a child radically changes the future life of the parents. With all the pros and cons. A child is a joy, a continuation of the family, but at the same time, chores and responsibility. Life without children is freer, but fraught with loneliness and lack of support in old age.

Missed opportunities

There is one interesting phenomenon about choice. If we choose one of the two options, then we partly regret not choosing the second. The thought creeps in: “Wasn't there a mistake? Maybe I missed something more important and pleasant? " If you ordered coffee in a cafe, then you will think of delicious tea. But if they ordered tea, they would dream of coffee.

Over time, the rejected option may begin to idealize. For example, a girl made a choice in favor of one groom and refused the second. Over time, she can begin to idealize that second person and present missed opportunities in a rosy light: “You don’t appreciate me, but he would carry me in his arms!”

Therefore, it is important to develop the ability to be satisfied with the choice made and with what is. Be realistic when assessing missed opportunities

A reference point is a break dividing life into “before” and “after”. The choice becomes a huge responsibility

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