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5 Pluses Of Dancing - Self-development
5 Pluses Of Dancing - Self-development

Video: 5 Pluses Of Dancing - Self-development

Video: 5 Pluses Of Dancing - Self-development
Video: 5 Aspects of Personal Development 2023, March

We all can dance. Of course, we are not talking about specific areas that need to be specially trained, but about the ability to move rhythmically to music. And dancing is also very useful. Find out about all their advantages, turn on the music and start moving!

Plus the first

Dancing helps you feel your body better. Especially if you are dancing impromptu - just move the way you want. This will bring you in touch with your body, needs and sensations.

Spirituality test

There is such a concept - "pseudo-spirituality". This is when a person thinks that he is spiritual, enlightened, knows himself perfectly. But in fact at this moment he is in illusions in relation to himself: "I am so kind, good, and you are all evil, you prevent me from being kind." So, one of the signs of pseudo-spirituality is when it seems to a person that he knows himself very well, but at the same time he does not find contact with his body, does not know it.

Plus the second

Dance is a great opportunity to get to know your body: its needs, possibilities, limitations. We master new movements that we do not use or rarely use in everyday life: we do not move along the street, dancing. Probably, it would look very interesting and beautiful, but so far our cities have not yet become dancing. Learning something new is always beneficial. When we master something new on a bodily level, we master something new on a psychological level. New dance moves are breaking our patterns, bodily and psychological, including those that interfere with our lives.

Plus the third

Emotional expression, purification occurs in the dance. We can express our feelings. This is such a psychological exercise - you can dance at home a dance of anger or a dance of resentment, other feelings. This will release your accumulated emotions. We are not always free in emotional terms. In real life, there are many restrictions that sometimes do not allow us to express our feelings, express emotions, some kind of sediment always remains.

Plus fourth

Dancing develops not only bodily but also psychological flexibility. And if we are more flexible psychologically, then we are also more adaptive and creative. Developing in dancing, we improve our body balance, sense of balance, as well as psychological balance, resilience in difficult situations, stress tolerance.

Plus the fifth

An important point: when it comes to pair dances or group dances, we learn to better feel the partner or the group of people with whom we interact. The dance implies a very good attunement. It is not enough to agree on something in words, we must also physically adjust to each other. This very well promotes our communication skills, the ability to establish relationships, feel a partner, declare ourselves, and manifest ourselves.

It is no coincidence that the dance has been preserved for millennia, it has healing properties both on the body and on the psychological level.

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