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Self-therapy. Wake Up Your Inner Child - Reviews, Self-development
Self-therapy. Wake Up Your Inner Child - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Self-therapy. Wake Up Your Inner Child - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Self-therapy. Wake Up Your Inner Child - Reviews, Self-development
Video: Trigger Proof: Episode 21 - Reparenting Your Inner Child 2023, March

“Compassion and respect are key features of the book and the process it teaches.

The reader always feels that he is being encouraged and supported …"

Worley J

Self-therapy. Wake up your inner child

Saint Petersburg: Peter, 2018.

What if the soul is out of place? If you can't deal with “bad” emotions? See a psychologist? But not everyone has the time and money to undergo long-term psychotherapy. The author of the book, Jay Worley, believes that in most cases, people can learn to transform uncontrollable emotions into positive beliefs. By becoming familiar with Internal Family Systems (ICS) therapy, you will achieve harmony, fill your life with new meanings.

SCD therapy encourages people to trust themselves. It teaches you to empathize with yourself, accept yourself as a whole, and build an internal dialogue. After reading this book, familiarizing yourself with the examples provided in it, and mastering the exercises, you will become accustomed to taking an interest in any of your emotions and impulses. You will learn the skills of taking care of yourself and get rid of the toxic habit of self-judgment.

  • You will find that your subpersonalities are not at all what they seem. They represent inner forces that have been suppressed by difficult life circumstances. It will be even more encouraging to realize that you have a core, an essence that is not affected by traumatic life episodes. What the theory of internal family systems calls "I" is in each of us; it is a source of wonderful qualities, using which we can lead both inner life and outer life. "
  • You will be able to free yourself from pathological ideas about yourself. SCD therapy is a creative new look at the mind and how easily it can change and heal.
  • You will learn how to translate your unbalanced parts into a valuable resource instead of pacifying them. The book provides examples of real BCC therapy sessions and exercises. It is useful to work in tandem with a loved one, it will make your relationship deeper and more trusting.

It is worth noting that BCC is not a panacea. Not all readers will make significant changes on their own, and some of them will still seek help from a psychologist. But even for people undergoing psychotherapy, this book will be a useful guide for independent work in between sessions.

The author talks about how to identify and be aware of your unconscious motives, blocks and internal conflicts. “You will get to know yourself better and deeper - and hidden pain points, and love, and the strength with which the connection was broken. You will understand how to heal resentment, fear, and negative beliefs that many of us carry around like a chest of old things.

The SCD process transforms problematic parts into sources of inner wisdom, spontaneity, self-support and openness. The book will help you improve relationships with people, become more successful at work, be happy and satisfied with life."

You can:

  • learn not to react sharply to difficulties;
  • return to a state of inner balance without anger and sadness;
  • regain your innate value and at the same time acquire the ability to love and trust others;
  • be stronger and the world will be safer for you.

The most valuable thing in SCD therapy is a loving and respectful attitude towards yourself

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