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"By The Pike's Command, By My Desire, I Wish " - Self-development
"By The Pike's Command, By My Desire, I Wish " - Self-development

Video: "By The Pike's Command, By My Desire, I Wish " - Self-development

Video: "By The Pike's Command, By My Desire, I Wish " - Self-development
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The time of holidays, miracles and wishes is coming. The New Year is like a kind of zeroing mark, when we sum up the results, do "work on mistakes", plan further achievements and, most importantly, we wish what we want, what we lack, what is most cherished. But you also need to be able to wish!

Sometimes we drive ourselves into traps that prevent the realization of what we want, for example, we ask not what we sincerely want, but what is imposed by others, society, parents, environment, status. Another fur coat instead of traveling to new countries, so that a neighbor would approve and a friend would envy. Or a phone of the latest model, even if it is more convenient to use the old one.

As a result, not always expensive and “desirable” things bring us the joy we count on, disappointment arises. Desires are ours and only ours, we are responsible for them. Not every wish comes true; between its formulation and implementation there are still many white and not-so-great spots.

What can we do to bring the desired goal closer?

  • 1. Remember that it is impossible to make anyone happy by force, everyone is responsible for what he wants. In my practice, I often come across the fact that the choice of a profession and educational institution does not come from desire, but according to the choice of parents, and this often leads to dissatisfaction with the profession and a longer search for a career path. This does not mean that you do not need to listen to the elders and the wise, but how much this brings you closer to your desire, only you know.
  • 2. Decide why you want what you want to do when it comes true. For example, it has been noticed that according to statistics, those who accidentally win large sums once spend them quickly and quite thoughtlessly. They have not yet developed a willingness to possess this amount. When we know what we are doing and why, we build a step-by-step path to get closer to what we want.
  • 3. Our desire must be specific and measurable. It's just that “I want to be rich” is not a specific desire. Indicate what it means to you to be rich and how much on the account can this desire be measured. If the desire is long-term, then it is recommended to designate intermediate points of reference by which you can track how close you are to the goal at the moment.
  • 4. The desire must be realistic, that is, at least at the initial stage, correspond to our resources. Otherwise, if the desire is great, but there are no opportunities to realize it, our need may be frustrated. Negative experiences, disappointment, anxiety will appear due to the inability to satisfy their desires. Which can lead to a decrease in mood and performance.
  • 5. Our desire must have a time limit. Determine exactly when you want to get it - within a year, tomorrow, in five years, etc. This makes it possible to understand and plan your steps to achieve and calculate your strength.
  • 6. Finally, we must be ready to pay for our "want", and the payment will not always be material. Pay is our responsibility for what we want, our refusal for the sake of a goal from something that we also like, but less important, it is our time, strength, experiences and everything that we are ready to part with in order to fulfill our "want".

These are our efforts. I want to be successful with my favorite job - you need to spend time looking for it, get along in a team, etc., and so on. If you dream of a happy family, you need to make efforts to create and develop it. I wanted to take an unplanned vacation now - I will work harder so that I can do everything. It must be remembered that there is a price for possession and a price for achievement.

Dream correctly, and then everything will come true not by magic, but by your skill.

by the pike's command
by the pike's command

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