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And, By Tradition  - Society
And, By Tradition - Society

Video: And, By Tradition - Society

Video: And, By Tradition  - Society
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Customs are only for two, and can be for the whole family, for a school or company. They firmly enter our life, giving a certain meaning to events and facts. Outdated traditions are necessarily replaced by new ones. Customs strengthen our faith in ourselves and loved ones, in the inviolability of being.

In the nineties in a small Latvian town a German created his own small enterprise. He started his acquaintance with the new team from a corporate party! Yes exactly. And he invited not only his employees there, but also their family members without fail. It was rumored that if you didn’t come with your entire family, you would inevitably be fired. The workers did not immediately accept this innovation. But the German was unshakable, and soon his enterprise became a stable, profitable, well-managed production, which now is a great success to get to work. This is an example of good governance through the introduction of corporate traditions.

Traditions create a kind of security corridor

See how anxiously the newlyweds celebrate a month from the date they met, then two, later moving on to more round dates. These repetitive actions seem to say, “We're fine. There is nothing to worry about. It'll be this way forever". Calmness and confidence - isn't that what every person aspires to in such a rapidly changing world?

The new explanatory and derivational dictionary of the Russian language, edited by T. F. Efremova, gives the following definitions of tradition: 1) what has developed historically and is transmitted from generation to generation through legends, orally or in writing (ideas, knowledge, views, actions, etc.) and 2) an ingrained order in something, a custom.

"Order", "custom", "usually" are words that inspire confidence and calmness. That is why old traditions are inevitably replaced by new ones. For a more complete picture, let's see the definition of the word "custom". It is defined as a generally accepted, established, traditional order, rooted in everyday life. And the word "order", which is often found in the above definitions, is explained as a correct, well-adjusted state, the location of something.

Look how beautiful - the adjusted state is! On the eve of the New Year, it is very important to have your own adjusted state, right? Therefore, boldly transform the old traditions, if you want changes, keep the ingrained ones, if the fundamental basis of being is important, and most importantly - that it be a pleasure!

There is still time before the New Year and you can have time to make an excursion into the history of a kind. Just ask how your great-great-grandfathers and great-great-grandmothers celebrated the New Year. Perhaps you recognize some forgotten family rituals or customs and you want to resume them.

The country of residence, of course, leaves its imprints on traditions, especially on the celebration of the New Year

  • For example, Latvians traditionally put on the festive table a national dish - boiled peas with bacon.
  • In Uzbekistan, in the last seconds of the old year, they try to have time to eat twelve grapes. Then the made wish will certainly come true.
  • Fortune-telling pies - pies are popular in Moldova. An extended prediction must be read aloud.
  • There was a very interesting tradition in Belarus in ancient times. On New Year's Eve, a bowl of water was placed on the table. Each family member, holding his left hand over this bowl, mentally lowered everything bad that visited him that year - ailments, envy, failures, and so on. Exactly at midnight "bad water" was poured out of the window, then fresh water was collected and put back on the table. Now everyone mentally filled her with good wishes - health, well-being, prosperity. Then the bowl was passed in a circle, and each took a sip of his good from the common positively filled bowl.
  • In Estonia meet a chimney sweep on the eve of the holiday - an incredible success and to ensure one hundred percent profitable year.
  • It is customary in Latvia to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands. Creative abilities at this time are manifested in everyone, even among those who were not previously considered a needleworker. Isn't it an idea for preparing for the New Year - a family workshop for making souvenirs?

To renew feelings, to strengthen relationships, a romantic meeting of the New Year together is suitable. And you also need to prepare for this small-scale event in advance: the choice of a place, discussion of the menu, preparation of gifts and outfits is important.

By the way, I can share my New Year's tradition: if not the whole costume, then some part of it must be new. This sets us up for renewal and joy next year.

Whatever you come up with to celebrate the most magical holiday of the year, let's not forget the traditional saying of all times and peoples: "As you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it!"

I wish all of you, dear readers, your own, without fail, a joyful New Year's holiday!

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