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I Am The "nail" Of The Corporate Party - Image
I Am The "nail" Of The Corporate Party - Image

Video: I Am The "nail" Of The Corporate Party - Image

Video: I Am The "nail" Of The Corporate Party - Image
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“At the New Year's corporate party, I drank too much. Everything would be fine, but I behaved like a real rip-off: I danced defiantly, flirted and kissed with the head of our department. I'm ashamed to go to work. I don't know how to behave further …"

Similar messages abound on the forums on the eve of the big holidays. What if you become the "highlight" of a corporate party?

The repertoire of workers includes not only incendiary dances and hazing with the opposite sex, but also drunken blackouts, fights and quarrels with the authorities. Each holiday has its own heroes. Perhaps this time you are one of them.

I hasten to assure you that you are not the only person who behaved completely differently than he intended! What happened? You drank wine to relax. And everyone knows that alcohol is a psychoactive substance that reduces self-control and a critical attitude towards reality.

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He makes us think that the whole world is only discussing our unsteady gait and victories in vulgar contests. Shame robs us of all objectivity. In fact, everyone is primarily concerned with themselves. Surely many have done something "wrong" and, like you, are afraid of condemnation. It will become a little easier for you when you remember what your colleagues were doing around.


Talking about your "talents" won't be long if you don't start feeding them with an encore and your emotional response. Want to laugh? Pretend that you are humorous and not going to make excuses.


Flirting with someone without serious intentions? Have you spoken nasty things to someone? Or even put a fingal under the eye of a colleague? If you have offended someone, pretending nothing happened will not work. You need to gather strength and apologize.


Even Soviet cinema could not ignore the theme of festive embarrassment at work. Let us recall at least "Office Romance". As in this beloved film by many, the consequences can be the most unexpected. Of course, there are situations that end in dismissal. But more often than not, repentance and shame are the hardest paybacks for "amateur performance".

What to do?

1. Think about why you did this particular stupidity. After all, somewhere deep inside you, waiting for the right moment, there was such a desire. What you suppressed during the whole year burst outward - sexuality, emotionality, aggression … Perhaps you have long wanted to approach a nice colleague and now have gained courage. What did you miss? Reasons to speak out about a small salary, intimacy or general attention? Take care of your needs.

2. Forgive yourself for your mistake. Stop thinking about it all the time. Everyone stumbles from time to time, and this is not a reason to wallow on the sidelines. We must draw conclusions and move on.

3. Focus your efforts on professional responsibilities and give the team time to forget your "performance". It is unlikely that you will forever lose the respect of your colleagues if you are a good specialist and have not been previously noticed in immoral behavior. Keep working hard and behaving yourself.

New rules

  • Opt for a beautiful but modest outfit. Not too expensive and not too open.
  • Don't drink more than two glasses of wine. Drunk people tend to behave differently. You are no exception. Give yourself a good reason in advance to refuse another drink.
  • Don't try to be in the spotlight and beware of cameras. Nowadays, any ill-wisher has at hand the technical means in order to perpetuate the juicy details of the festive evening.
  • You've already figured out where your weak points are. Try not to repeat yourself.
  • Even if you have a long-term liking for someone in your office, corporate is not the best place to start a relationship. Compliments and courting at a party are not a sign of serious intentions.

Some "bloopers" manage to turn in their favor, others make you blush for some time, and still others end in inevitable dismissal. Is it worth continuing your career in a company where only "lazy people" work, and the boss is a "dumb freak"?

Some people in principle avoid office feasts. However, such events were created not only to collect compromising evidence, but also to rally the team. Just treat the corporate event as a business dinner, leaving the eccentricities for a friendly party.

Make yourself at home, but don't forget that you are at work

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