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10 Psychologist's Tips For Choosing A Gift - Society
10 Psychologist's Tips For Choosing A Gift - Society

Video: 10 Psychologist's Tips For Choosing A Gift - Society

Video: 10 Psychologist's Tips For Choosing A Gift - Society
Video: How to Give a Good Gift | Jennifer Rothschild | TEDxUF 2023, March

A gift is a great way to express your feelings, to show how much you love and appreciate a person. Good gifts are an art. The recommendations of psychologist Neil Burton will help you master it.

1. Never give money, in any form

Money is a message: "I do not have time and desire to think about you, for - please yourself, this is your value for me."

2. The cash equivalent of the gift does not matter

Once a friend gave me a recipe for one of my favorite dishes, writing it in calligraphic handwriting on parchment and proposing to cook it together. It was one of the most pleasant and memorable gifts I received.

3. It is not the gift that is important, but the meaning, so think carefully about your gift

Give something that the person really likes - maybe he let it slip, was staring, looking for something that he wants, but did not buy. Be original: How about a stylish, brightly colored pen, or even going to a massage workshop together?

4. Focus on new experiences, not on the subject

A Swedish massage session or concert tickets will be more exciting than the items. By the way, some items, such as books, CDs, even a bottle of wine, can also be a wonderful experience if chosen correctly.

5. If the person is very busy, give him something that does not take time

Better yet, whatever will fill the downtime. A friend gave me an audio disc with a History of the World in a Hundred Objects. I listened to him while driving.


6. Pack thet

The ceremony of slowly unwrapping the gift is very pleasant for both the recipient and the giver. Even a tiny item can be packaged in an original way. Choose your envelope or wrapping paper carefully, with attention to your personality. Nature lovers will appreciate the decor with butterflies or flowers, those who love cars - vintage cars. All this is a confirmation that you have taken the time and attention, choosing a gift, and appreciate not only the gift, but the gift ritual itself.

7. Supplement the gift with a message with meaning: a postcard or a letter

Don't buy ordinary postcards with impersonal messages, rather write the text yourself. Let the message be a code to remind you of shared moments, intimacy, or just gratitude. And best of all in poetry, if you can. The message is presented and read before the gift is unpacked.

8. Give what you yourself can take part in

This can be theater tickets, a vacation ticket, a book that you have read or plan to read. This will show that you are interested in interacting with this person, as well as provide an opportunity to share the pleasure.

9. Give your gift on time

Make sure you are both in a good mood and have enough time to slowly unpack, examine and enjoy the gift. A great moment is after a joint meal.


10. The best gift is a surprise

Even if you know what will be donated, you can still present it with a surprise: by wrapping it in two layers of wrapping paper or giving two gifts, where the first will be something like bait.

Let us recall the words of Voltaire: "God gave us life, but it depends only on us whether we will live well."

By giving a good, thoughtful gift, we improve our relationships and our lives.

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