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Adolescence Is Terribly Interesting! - Reviews, Society
Adolescence Is Terribly Interesting! - Reviews, Society

Video: Adolescence Is Terribly Interesting! - Reviews, Society

Video: Adolescence Is Terribly Interesting! - Reviews, Society
Video: Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20 2023, March

I would call Jeff Kinney's "Diary of a Wimp" the confession of a strong man. Because only a strong person asks so many frank, not always pleasant questions, sometimes without any hope of ever getting answers to them. Greg Heffley is that kind of character, and I suspect Jeff Kinney is that kind of writer. He decided on a rather dangerous journey through the inner world of a teenager, stirring up the family idyll in many homes, voicing the world of teenagers, those who are from 9 to 15 years old, those who are not really noticed, because they are no longer cute little angels and not yet young people with whom adults have to reckon.

There are very few such books in Russia. The last revelation is perhaps Pavel Sanaev's book "Bury Me Behind the Skirting Board" about the ordeal of a boy of 8-9 years old. You can find out what happens to such children in the future thanks to the books of Jeff Kinney.

Unfortunately, our upbringing norm prescribes hushing up any problems in the family for noble reasons: a child cannot be traumatized by the truth, if he grows up, he learns where the crayfish winter and how much a pound of dashing, etc.

We still hide the fact of adoption, the secrets of parental divorce

Parents would like to usurp the right to truth in order to keep power in their hands for as long as possible. The relationship between the strictness of the parent and the deceitfulness of the child has been known for a long time. The harder the parents tighten the screws, the more the cauldron will explode, the stronger the teenage rebellion will be. Jeff Kinney's books are an indispensable help for adults who have decided to learn the language and get acquainted with the mindset of a teenager in order to take him along the steep routes of growing up.

According to the psychologists, to which I urge you, in the early adolescence, children develop moral consciousness. All people, events, facts are tested for strength from the point of view of justice. The super-ego is powerfully built up, as psychoanalysts would say, rules are established or developed, a distance is chosen with strangers, peers, and parents.

All this happens with Greg Heffley - he disputes everything, everywhere he tries to set boundaries, winning his right to be a person. Of course, the hero does not use such boring words as "morality" and "justice". But some psychologists call this age "monastic", because boys try to stay away from girls, develop their own code of conduct, ideals and norms. They form a kind of monastic order with their own symbols.

Personally, I would very much like to read the diaries of girls of this period, because I was once a girl who was not accepted into the company of boys. Now I know more about them, all their secrets, and I can only regret that Jeff Kinney was born so late. So hurry up to look at these secret teen notes.

Jeff Kinney's books rehabilitate adolescence, it's not difficult or scary, it's terribly interesting!

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