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According To Scientists, All People Are Egoists - Opinions
According To Scientists, All People Are Egoists - Opinions

Video: According To Scientists, All People Are Egoists - Opinions

Video: According To Scientists, All People Are Egoists - Opinions
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The world is full of self-centered people, and you are no exception. Are you suggesting that you are not one of them? After reading this article, you can determine your degree of narcissism.

Men are a selfish gender. And this is not a female conspiracy, but the opinion of scientists: men are more selfish. The latest study, published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, found that men's nervous systems are more stimulated by egocentrism, while women receive dopamine when they help others. What is the reason for this? For a long time, women have heard that they were born to take care of others, while men are encouraged to do whatever they want to rule the world. Scientists clarify: "Gender stereotypes act as a self-fulfilling prophecy and cause gender differences."

The more muscles, the smaller the heart

A recent report in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior asks the question: Does socio-political equality have anything to do with the strong body and formidable appearance of men? Yes, muscular machoes are less likely to support wealth redistribution than their untrained cousins. According to a study by researchers from Brunel University London, the London School of Economics and Harvard University, the more time men spend in the gym, the more selfish their socio-economic views are.

Selfish people prefer window seats

Another test of selfishness is choosing a seat on an airplane or bus. Do you prefer a window or aisle seat? Quite a simple question, but the answer reflects your place on the spectrum of selfishness. According to a recent article in the well-known social psychology journal The Telegraph, choosing your window seat means you are more selfish than those huddling in the aisle. Where are the conclusions in the journal from? Doctors of elite private practices were invited to talk. Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman explains: “Passengers who choose a window seat love to be in control, tend to treat people like property and are more likely to get annoyed over trifles. It is also common for them to settle down (nest) and exist in their own bubble."

Economists are selfish

Economist Gordon Tullock once suggested that "the average person is 95% selfish." This somewhat pessimistic view of the selfish nature of man says a lot about traditional economics. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are numerous studies that confirm that those who study economics become more selfish.

The conclusion is simple: we are all somewhat selfish, and you are no exception. And if biological nature is a given, then the choice of what to do with it always remains with us. Accepting our own selfishness helps us finally stop judging the selfishness of others and take care of ourselves.

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