Simple Steps To Longevity - Opinions
Simple Steps To Longevity - Opinions

Video: Simple Steps To Longevity - Opinions

Video: Simple Steps To Longevity - Opinions
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New research confirms that walking can prevent dangerous diseases and prolong life. Take a walk every day and live long.

It has long been known that movement is life, so experts recommend that you devote at least two and a half hours a week to moderate physical activity. When it comes to walking, "moderate" means a fast pace - about five kilometers per hour. For the first time, members of the American Canser Society took a closer look at how changing pace of walking affects health, especially the health of the elderly. And great news for us!

Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and to some extent breast and colon cancer. Also, walking reduces insulin levels, cholesterol and protects against high blood pressure. The results of a study published October 19, 2017 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine also indicate a strong link between walking and a reduced risk of premature death.

In general, the more you walk, the less the risk. New research has also found that even if you just walk and do no other exercise, your chances of staying healthy and living longer are increased.

Hiking can improve mental health and cognitive function. Given that walking is a free and convenient exercise that can be done anywhere and does not require special equipment, scientists define this activity as a great activity for the elderly.

Experts from the Harvard University School of Medicine note that walking is as effective as medication in relieving stress and preventing depression. In order to develop the habit of walking, they advise linking the walk with other events of the day, such as, for example, waking up in the morning or lunch break. To make your walks more interesting, it is recommended to listen to audiobooks or music along the way (quietly, with one earphone, so that you do not lose sight of what is happening around).

Take your friends or pets with you, change your schedule and routes - and this useful habit will never bore you.

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