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Danger For Fun. Observers - Relations
Danger For Fun. Observers - Relations

Video: Danger For Fun. Observers - Relations

Video: Danger For Fun. Observers - Relations
Video: Schwoz Has A Girlfriend?! 'S.W.A.G. Is Haunted!' | Danger Force 2023, March

Psychologist Olga Paklina analyzes the relationship between a man and a woman from their common photograph. See how one captured moment tells a lot about a relationship.

We see a couple of lovers at a happy moment in their relationship. They are alone, and around - a beautiful golden autumn.

Young people have fun, they play "risk"

The guy holds his beloved tightly by the hand, and she completely trusts him. The girl is not afraid that he will let go of his hand, there is no anxiety and tension in her face.

"Hanging over a ravine" is a kind of simulation of dangerous or difficult situations that may occur in the life of a couple in the future

A woman always wants to be confident in her companion - he will save, he will keep, he will protect. In the face of a young man - pride in his strength and stamina. He is glad that he can be responsible for the safety of his beloved, and such responsibility is not a burden for him.

Such a harmonious relationship is a great success and great happiness. One can only be glad for the lovers. All the trials that life will prepare for them, they will overcome together, holding hands tightly!

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