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Our Poor Rich Children - Blogs
Our Poor Rich Children - Blogs

Melia M. Our poor rich children. M.: Alpina non-fiction, 2017

Today we live differently, not the way our parents lived, we fear for our children more than they feared for us, and we burden them more than they burdened us.

In the modern world, children have become the meaning of life, the center of efforts. Even in families with low incomes, parents are ready to make any sacrifices, only so that the children have everything "no worse than others." Parents sometimes strive to guess the desires of their children and fulfill them before they were expressed or even arose.

The society is dominated by the cult of consumption, individualism, perfectionism, competition, this also affects children. They grow up passive, mercantile, incapable of setting goals and achieving what they want, not adapted to life, indecisive and dependent. And first of all, children of wealthy parents suffer - childcentrism is enhanced by financial capabilities.

Several years ago, I realized that parenting concerns my business clients as much as business, and I began to collect materials on this topic. I had to dig up mountains of literature, mainly Western, because in Russia there are few relevant scientific works on raising children in modern conditions. Over time, my own observations and practical experience of working with parents of problem children from well-to-do families have also accumulated. And I decided to write a book about the upbringing of the younger generation in the conditions of childcentrism and the cult of consumption.

My advice has already helped my clients, I hope they will also help parents and practicing psychologists who will read the book Our Poor Rich Children. It was published in September by the publishing house Alpina Non-Fiction.

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