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The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Anna Karenina - Reviews, Sex
The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Anna Karenina - Reviews, Sex

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Anna Karenina - Reviews, Sex

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Anna Karenina - Reviews, Sex
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Someone will find it strange the choice of this film for sexological analysis. But if we transfer the plot of the picture to the modern era, it turns out that the situation is typical. Treason, inability to adapt to new, changed conditions and, as a result, suicide.

Non-accidental acquaintance

The figures of the main characters are iconic psychotypes that exist in any era. Anna is an attractive, nervous, hysterical woman who lives with emotions and intuition. Obviously bored with her aging husband. Alexey Alexandrovich is its direct opposite. Decent family man, pedantic, a bit like Chekhov's "man in a case." He used to live by reason. Anna repeatedly calls him a machine. Vronsky is a high society playboy, bright, attracting the attention of women. Already initially, the character traits of each of the characters serve as a prerequisite for the creation of a love triangle.

Accidental acquaintance occurs at the station. Anna had already been prepared by the stories of Vronsky's mother and fell in love with him in absentia. This happens with hysterical young ladies, they can fantasize anything. Endow the object (man) with ideal qualities and fall in love with the image they created. The increased interest of women tires Vronsky, and Anna's inaccessibility awakens the hunter's instinct in him.

From the movie

- Anna Arkadyevna - waltz tour.

“I don’t dance if I can’t dance.

- But today, today we must dance.

- But if today you can't help dancing, then let's go.

- And you, are you going resolutely today?

- Yes Yes…

At first, Anna tries to act like an "honest" woman. But the heroine's subconscious is already involved in a love game and is looking for a loophole in moral obstacles to satisfy her passion. She sees erotic dreams in which the mind tries to rationally explain her secret desire. Reason gives way to passion. Libido triumphs!

From the movie

What was impossible for Anna, a terrible and all the more charming dream of happiness - this desire was satisfied.

- Its end. I have no one but you. Remember this.

- I cannot but remember what my life is. For a minute of this happiness …

- What happiness? For God's sake, not a word more.

Why did she cheat?

If we talk about the reasons for cheating, then in men it is primarily sexual satisfaction and self-affirmation. The reasons for female infidelity are more varied. This may be not only a sexual motive, but also a desire to punish and take revenge on her husband and even "give out of pity."

Anna, in conversation with her lover, says: "I am like a hungry person who was given something to eat." She explains a lot with this phrase. And the lack of understanding with her husband, and the lack of sensual pleasures, and even just a lack of attention to her as a woman. And the reason is not that Alexey Alexandrovich is much older than his wife. How many couples with a difference in age live happily married! The fact is that they are different, there is a huge distance between them and, apart from raising a child and living together, the spouses have no points of contact.

From the movie

At the station, Anna and Alexey Alexandrovich

- As you can see, a gentle husband, gentle, like the next year of marriage, was burning with the desire to see you. Well?

- Is Seryozha healthy?

- Well, is this the whole reward for my ardor? Healthy, healthy, but missed.

- What Lydia Ivanovna? Without me, kept the fire in our family hearth?

- I cannot share your irony, Anya.

Here we can draw a parallel with the modern world, when a wealthy man takes on a woman much younger than himself. The role of such a woman in the family hierarchy is a beautiful accessory for a man and / or the mother of his children. She is financially dependent and forced to submit to the will and whims of her husband.

Of course, a modern woman always has a choice - to be in slavery or to achieve an independent position. But silicone beauties do not want to work so much, they have to sacrifice something. Anna did not have such a choice, her status and social role was dictated by the society of that time.

From the movie

Alexey Alexandrovich at a lawyer

- The case about which I have the honor to speak with you … must be a secret. I have the misfortune to be deceived by my husband and wish to legally break off relations with my wife, that is, to divorce. But moreover, so that the son does not stay with his mother.

Alexey Alexandrovich and Lidia Ivanovna

- I am weakened, I am destroyed, I did not foresee anything, now I do not understand anything, nothing … Without a heart, without honor, without religion, a spoiled woman. She no longer exists for me. It is only necessary to find the best way out of this situation. I may be unhappy, but he and she just shouldn't be happy …

“My friend, you must not surrender to this feeling that you just spoke of.

- My decision is as follows: whatever your actions, I do not consider myself entitled to break the bonds by which we are bound by the power from above. A family cannot be destroyed by whim, arbitrariness or even by the crime of one of the spouses. This is necessary for me and for you, but above all for our son. I am quite sure that you have already repented and you will help me to root out the cause of our discord and forget the past.

Don't share your guilt

There is another interesting point in the picture for discussion. Often people wonder whether it is worth talking about cheating if you want to keep family relationships. My answer is definitely no. No one will feel good about it.

Not only are you traumatized by guilt yourself. So there is no need to make another suffer. Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions that destroy a person. Guilt serves as one of the therapeutic targets in dealing with an adultery situation. In the picture, the feeling of guilt and despair drives Anna to suicide.

From the movie

Dolly and Alexey Alexandrovich

- What did she do?

- Anna? She despised her duties and cheated on her husband.

- Alexey Alexandrovich, for God's sake, you are mistaken.

- It is very difficult to be mistaken when the wife herself announces this to her husband, declares that all eight years of life and the son were all a mistake. And that she wants to start living over again. How dear I would have given so that doubt is still possible. When I doubted, it was hard for me, but easier than now. When I doubted, I still had hope. Now, no. I have no hope, and yet I doubt everything.

In choosing a life partner, every woman can be guided by a set of individual qualities and ideas. Someone chooses for love, someone for calculation. But you need to understand that love is a natural human need, and it's hard to live your whole life with an unloved person. It's like a yoke that you voluntarily put on yourself. Will not endure and will not fall in love.

From the movie

Anna and Vronsky

- What's the matter with you? Are you unwell?

- I'm healthy … I was waiting for you.

- God, what cold hands.

- You scared me.

- Forgive me, forgive me for coming. But I couldn't pass the day without seeing you.

- For what to forgive, I am so glad.

“I cannot forgive myself for being unhappy.

- I'm not unhappy. Here is my happiness (kisses Vronsky).

Five marital factors

In order for the relationship to be harmonious, compatibility in a couple is important according to several indicators, the so-called marital factors. There are five of them, and for the first time they were formulated by domestic sexopathologists - G. S. Vasilchenko and Yu. A. Reshetnyak.

  • The first factor is physical. It indicates the physical attractiveness of partners for each other.
  • The second factor is sociocultural. It testifies to the intellectual and cultural development of each of the partners and how the spouses fit together based on this factor.
  • The third factor is material. He talks about the contribution of each partner to the total family budget.
  • The fourth factor is sexual (sexual compatibility).
  • The fifth factor is psychological. It testifies to individual personality traits, the nature of partners.

After analyzing, I came to the conclusion that the compatibility of Anna and Alexey Alexandrovich rests on only one factor - the material one. Whereas the compatibility of Vronsky and Anna consists of four factors.

How to protect yourself from cheating? The recipe is simple - take care of your relationship, develop yourself and develop with your partner. Do not try to artificially preserve your relationship, this will only bring their end closer. The best prevention of cheating is a harmonious love relationship.

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