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Long Live Separate Sleep! - Society
Long Live Separate Sleep! - Society

Video: Long Live Separate Sleep! - Society

Video: Long Live Separate Sleep! - Society
Video: While She Sleeps - SLEEPS SOCIETY (Edit) 2023, March

Physiological separation of the baby from the mother occurs during childbirth, but at first the baby adapts to the new environment.

Sometimes it will not be superfluous to remind him of the feeling of comfort in which he stayed for many months. That is, to ensure close bodily contact with the mother. Her smell, warmth, stroking, even the beating of her heart soothe the baby.

And for some mothers, sleeping together with a baby in the first time after childbirth is more convenient - you do not need to jump up to the crib, you can breastfeed at any time at night, it is easier to cope with the fear for a child that appears in almost all mothers. This is normal during postpartum adaptation, that is, in the first month. But do not abuse it, everything is good in moderation.

No matter how close the bond between you is, you are already two separate people

And it will be better for both of you if you start putting your baby to bed in a crib or bassinet as early as possible and go about your business at this time or also rest.

A separate sleep will allow mom to recover faster and gain strength, since sleep with a child by her side is very sensitive and shallow. And your child will have their own physical and mental boundaries and will not develop “mommy disappearance syndrome”. Simply put, he will be able to sleep peacefully both in your presence and without him, and not wake up and scream every time you leave.

You must admit that a young mother does not have too much freedom to tie herself to her child even in her sleep. And dad will be much calmer in bed next to you, and not with a baby who is scared to wake up or accidentally squeeze in a dream. A baby cot next to your bed is ideal for everyone.

Do not worry, you will not deprive the baby of your attention, being in different beds. You can give all your love, care and joy of interaction to him during the day.

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