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10 Secrets To A Successful Interview - Image
10 Secrets To A Successful Interview - Image

Video: 10 Secrets To A Successful Interview - Image

Video: 10 Secrets To A Successful Interview - Image
Video: 5 BEST Interview Tips - The Ultimate Formula to Interview Success 2023, March

How to get an interview to please the recruiter and HR specialist? We will tell you 10 secrets of a successful interview. Apply the recommendations immediately: memorize, write down, print, act. So, just go ahead!

Secret number 1. Home preparation is the best improvisation

Make a written story about yourself in advance. Describe yourself as a successful professional. Answer imaginary questions about your strengths and weaknesses, reasons for leaving your previous job, your professional development expectations, and the benefits of your job for the company. Do not be afraid to praise yourself, emphasize your successes and dignity.

After writing the story, say it to yourself and out loud several times to memorize the mood, words, and phrases.

Benefit: during the interview you will not be confused, you will look and speak more confidently

Secret # 2. Interviews Are Exercises

Interviews (like exams) help develop willpower, skills of self-presentation, communication and self-sales, regulate attitudes towards failure and success. Treat interviews like exercise. To achieve the desired effect, you need to build muscle. In the case of a fruitful interview, you will be happy with yourself, and in case of refusal, you will remain in good shape and with healthy self-esteem. If you feel unhappy with yourself, analyze the meeting and plan to change something in your communication with the employer.

Benefit: Your self-worth is preserved

Secret number 3. I am a commodity

Imagine that you are a commodity. You have price, quality, wrapper. You have a buyer's need that you will satisfy if he buys you and uses you as intended. You need. Some interviewers do not like to think of themselves as a commodity. They prefer a human image: a man, a woman, a leader, a person, a manager, etc. But not coffee, not a plastic T-shirt bag, not a sausage, not a printer or a yacht. People-goods sometimes get stuck on dusty shelves, complain, turn gray, their shelf life expires. Do you want to be bought or are you comfortable not being in demand?

Benefit: the awareness of yourself as a product grounds inadequate ambitions (overestimated or underestimated, it does not matter), makes you sober and reasonable in assessing your own strengths and capabilities


Secret No. 4. Each product has its own merchant

The people have known this secret for a long time. Be with the people, do not fight back. As soon as you realize that you are a product, you broadcast to the Global Fair: you are. At this time, your buyer will catch the signal and start looking for you. He needs you. Be present, keep on air. Know: you will be found.

Benefit: A subjective sense of connection and need will give you a boost and confidence in success

Secret number 5. Instructions for use

Imagine yourself as a specific product and describe your purpose. Write down why you were invented, why you are important to the buyer, what his needs are satisfied, what good are you doing. This exercise helps you identify your values and motives. The results of the training are surprising: specialists of the same profession / position carry with them completely different values. One economist brings analytics, criticism and humility to his work, while the other brings comfort, warmth, and safety. One employer needs a first specialist, another needs a second.

Benefit: When you know your values, you become attractive. The interlocutor forms a positive impression about you

Secret number 6. Be yourself

Don't be fake. Remember the product that you could introduce yourself to. During the interview, keep this image in mind, rely on its key parameters and present yourself through them.

For example, if you are a Mercedes, then you enter the room without hurrying so that you can be seen and appreciated, carry your dignity smoothly. Describe your professional experience in a calm tone, focus on the quality and reliability of your professional skills and knowledge.

Another example: you are a peach, velvety and aromatic on the outside, with a hard seed on the inside. Be gentle in the interview and talk about your feelings. At the same time, focus on serious management experience, where you have hardened, but, nevertheless, remained open to communication, in order to achieve maximum effect in negotiations.

Benefit: You demonstrate a competitive advantage

Secret # 7. Eye contact

You can set your gaze on the bridge of the interlocutor's nose or on his right / left eye. It seems that you are looking directly in the eyes. If your gaze moves away from eye contact with the interlocutor, then you are perceived as distrustful, hostile, hiding something and even a liar.

It is also not necessary to specifically catch the eye of the interlocutor, but when you talk about yourself, it is better to look into the eyes.

The tilt of the head also matters: a glance from under the brow is read as conflicting, aggressive, stubborn; a look with a raised chin will be perceived as arrogant, disgusted, inaccessible, offended. It is optimal to keep your head straight, naturally moving in communication and not freezing in one position.

Benefit: you are perceived as a person available for communication, mutual understanding and cooperation

Secret number 8. Appearance

It is important to consider two factors in the presentation of the image:

  • a) Your personal and professional values should be reflected in your clothes. Consider the dress code in the professional field and the position for which you are applying.
  • b) To focus the interlocutor's attention on what you need, use the rule of perception of the figure and the background. In your appearance, there should be one accent, the rest will be the background.

For example, if one of your advantages is energy and activity, then you can express this with a bright detail in clothes, an accessory or an accent in makeup (for women). Practicality as an advantage can be expressed with a check print. Check out the rules of business etiquette on job search resources.

Always remember: you are carrying clothes, not your clothes! This also applies to accessories, and makeup, and hairstyles, and even manners. In a global sense, the basis of the foundations is yourself. The rest in the image is the background.

Benefit: You are perceived as a mature, holistic professional

Secret # 9. Say Yes

Pay attention to your speech, especially the first words of your response when communicating. Many people tend to automatically start talking with the words "no", "not". As if the person is in an internal dispute. Feel how you react in communication to questions and suggestions, what you want to say first - "yes" or "no". Develop a deliberate tactic to respond with agreement, understanding, the ability to exchange information with your communication partner.

Benefit: You demonstrate communication skills

Secret # 10. Where there is passion, there is talent

Employers love professionals. Among them there may be people with little professional experience, but certainly passionate and inspired by what they love. Such people learn faster, become more competent. Talented personnel are the potential of the organization, they provide resources for development, and therefore they will definitely be noticed and appreciated.

Identify where your passion is at work. And follow the passion.

Benefit: youthful soul and the impossibility of professional burnout

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