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Delicate Lump. How To Recognize The Type Impenetrable - Sensitive - Self-development
Delicate Lump. How To Recognize The Type Impenetrable - Sensitive - Self-development

Video: Delicate Lump. How To Recognize The Type Impenetrable - Sensitive - Self-development

Video: Delicate Lump. How To Recognize The Type Impenetrable - Sensitive - Self-development
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We continue to publish the author's column by Leonid Krol, who identified 15 psychological types. Among them was the so-called "Impenetrable - sensitive" - a lump man who can do everything (with his pressure!), But this strength is not always enough. How to properly communicate with people of this type?


He is a strong-willed and energetic person, whole in his constant purposeful movement forward, it is important for him to be in business and open up new horizons. He wants to be included and conscious all the time, but activity and drive alternate with recessions. He is shy and hides temporary shutdowns from everyone and from himself, ashamed of what seems to him lack of will. Large, powerful, usually speaking loudly, decisive, he evaluates himself based on the constancy of pressure.

How to recognize this type?

  • He constantly finds himself in situations in which control and attention are sharply reduced and something happens: people, circumstances fail, a streak of bad luck sets in. In such conditions, he is inclined to switch to something else, to build anew, and not to correct what was violated.
  • By nature, a builder, he knows how to do everything with his own hands, in business he knows the product and mechanisms, is inclined to delegate and give, he is sociable.
  • He is inclined to “fly away”: he may find himself in an unfamiliar country, unexpected company, a binge or a sudden passion. It seems to be thrown out of the familiar orbit, which he had been creating for a long time. This bailout "to nowhere" is more typical than recessions and falling into a hole, these are two types of his off-road.
  • Partners and closest employees act as part of the catamaran, which keeps it afloat and allows you to develop speed without turning over.
  • Well done gestures are combined with an imperceptible glance - is everything going as it should. He likes to attract advisers, consultants, because the degree of reality of what is being planned is counted from them, so that there is no loss of contact with what was started.
  • It constantly supplements its power and head with machines and tools. He should have everything according to the latest technological fashion and, by the way, by itself. The activity is high, the working pace is kept for many hours until the air "suddenly" comes out. Then he begins to back away and go away, and sometimes look for an objective excuse for failure. This is repeated many times, but he does not associate it with internal characteristics.
  • He prefers to see himself as a closed box, integral and not disassembled into parts. But he is actively interested in the mechanism of others, in order to understand himself by analogy (without digging).
  • As an adult and big, he carries in himself the constant drive of an active child, loves his children and delves into their hobbies. Most of all he loves to do something together, reproaches himself for not having enough time. The lack of time keeps him in good shape. In his style, starting more things than he can accomplish, only completes a few of them.

Shyness consists of a desire to be liked and a fear of failure

Pierre Beauchein

Important points in communication

  • He needs to be given the right to a sensitive, impressionable part of himself, the right to fatigue, the need for pauses for a creative and, most importantly, successful person. Do not wait for the "fly off the coils" from overheating, but plan a vacation and long-term creative situations. Better with someone together, which proves its reality.
  • It is useful for him to participate in various team endeavors, although he is constantly being blown away to being a soloist.
  • An analysis of past situations of partial failure is important. This type is highly reflective, but habitually recoils from the right to oneself and from psychology.
  • He is capable of regular work, he needs to be assigned a "personal paramedic" with whom he can disassemble mechanisms on a regular basis. Constant toys are also important - short diagrams, where everything is dealt with as sequential cases, with a clear conclusion, like in a problem book.

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