Why A Handsome Husband Is Dangerous - Research
Why A Handsome Husband Is Dangerous - Research

Video: Why A Handsome Husband Is Dangerous - Research

Video: Why A Handsome Husband Is Dangerous - Research
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Researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida conducted an experiment that showed how a woman's motivation to diet is related to her husband's attractiveness. And how this correlation can be dangerous for the family.

Scientists have suggested that young wives who are "unlucky" to marry handsome men feel almost the obligation to diet, constantly lose weight and try to look as slim and beautiful as possible. This hypothesis was fully confirmed.

The researchers interviewed and photographed 223 newly-married spouses (men and women 20-29 years old). First, we identified a predisposition and level of motivation to various diets and other ways to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Then two groups of independent experts objectively assessed the external data of the respondents. And in the end, the scientists themselves conducted a comprehensive analysis of the data.

It turned out the following:

  • The attractiveness / unattractiveness of the spouse does not affect men's motivation to lose weight and eat correctly.
  • In women, this effect is observed, therefore, the motivation to lose weight differs depending on gender.
  • Less attractive women who are married to unattractive men have little motivation.
  • The higher the attractiveness of the spouse, the higher the motivation of less beautiful young ladies to lose weight and achieve a truly slim body, "worthy" of her partner. That is, women for the most part strive to match the bright appearance of their handsome husband.

Originally intended only to record the link between attractiveness and the desire to follow a diet, the study provided food for additional inferences and observations. For example, experts believe that a fanatical desire to lose weight so as not to seem like a failure against the background of a handsome husband can be dangerous for women. After all, this is a direct path to an eating disorder, and in extreme cases - to serious physical and mental illnesses (anorexia, depression, neurosis, etc.).

Moreover, the obsession with the attractiveness of the spouse can affect the marriage itself. Stress, distrust, dissatisfaction, constant feeling of being ugly leads to discord in relationships, and often - to divorce.

However, the study does not mean that women must choose someone who is not very attractive for their psychological peace and happiness in marriage. It's just that it is important for men to be aware of the connection between their appearance and the eating behavior of their wives and, when necessary, to be their support and protection. Be more understanding and accepting. And do not forget to tell your partners more often about love, which does not depend on shapes and sizes, since it is built on more essential values than appearance.