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About The Crisis With Love And Enthusiasm - Blogs
About The Crisis With Love And Enthusiasm - Blogs

Video: About The Crisis With Love And Enthusiasm - Blogs

Video: About The Crisis With Love And Enthusiasm - Blogs
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A crisis is when old methods no longer give the same results. We work as usual, behave as usual, and the results are unsatisfactory. This is because the situation has changed and we have not. In fact, a crisis is a lag in an adequate response to external changes. Is there a way out?

Yes, it is necessary to accelerate adaptation to the new reality, to revise the picture of the world.

1. Answer yourself a few important questions

  • a. What actions have been successful in the past and now are not? Why? What is causing this in the outside world?
  • b. Why is a crisis needed? What is he pointing to? What is his main discomfort?
  • in. What external changes caused the loss of efficiency? Perhaps you have competitors in your business or your profession has become less popular in the market?
  • d. What restrictions do you have? Perhaps you have moved to a different age category and cannot accept your age and the restrictions that it imposes?

An internal crisis gives rise to a desire to fight a little … with oneself

2. Apply the technique of building the future

Describe one of your desires in a few sentences. Analyze the resulting text. You will need to decode your thoughts on your own, it is not difficult. Take the first sentence and evaluate if it applies to:

  • a. Towards the desired future.
  • b. To the present.
  • in. To the past or to something else.

Consecutively analyze all the sentences in the text. If you wrote at least one statement about the future and at least one about the present and the thought about the future was in front of the thought about the present, then you were engaged in the technique of mental contrast.

Why is this method good? Thinking about the future and the present, standing on the way to the goal, we understand real barriers and find ways to overcome them. Read more about the mental contrast method in the article "Walk the path of imagination."

3. Take a closer look at what the crisis indicates

Think about what signs he gives, what kind of feedback does he give us? When a crisis occurs, we lose a part of ourselves, a part of our habitual image, habitual actions. Losses are inevitable. How we adapt to these losses speaks volumes about how well we deal with the crisis. You cannot get out of a crisis without realizing that you are in it. How to understand this? Unreasonable anxiety and melancholy, low mood, a feeling of wasted time, that you are not living your life - these are the surest signs.

The crisis has its own logic and dynamics of development. We cannot speed up its passage, we can only alleviate the symptoms and outline the way out.

4. Realistically assess your options

The crisis is a consequence of a frozen reality. Everything frozen is fragile, and at the stroke of fate, this frozen reality shatters into thousands of fragments that hurt painfully. Unfreeze this reality, your idea of it, and it will sparkle with new, hitherto unseen facets, become more flexible.

Our capabilities and beliefs change over time. For example, a midlife crisis is often associated with limited opportunities and unwillingness to change their behavior in accordance with this. Of course, you can indulge yourself with illusions about your own omnipotence, that a person's capabilities are endless, but often this only leads to the dispersion of the remaining forces. There is another danger - to slip into helplessness and swim at random.

So bend the fate under oneself or bend? It is better to distinguish between those moments when fate can and should be bent and when it is necessary to come to terms with it.

5. Make decisions creatively

Not a single pill of spirit-lifting illusions - not an analgesic of positive beliefs, adrenaline injections of extreme hobbies, or relaxing marijuana incense - will help overcome the crisis

Some people think that one of the "ways" to overcome is to imagine that there is simply no crisis, that we are only causing it with our thoughts. But this is not so: escape from reality is only a psychological defense.

This disregard for reality ends badly. The ideal picture of the world disintegrates overnight.

The crisis allows you to eliminate the deviation from reality. Life is generally a chain of crises, and it depends only on us whether we will sit on it, or open the links of this chain, gaining freedom.

Handle the crisis correctly. This will help you not to feel like a slave and to see changes not only as problems, but also as opportunities for creative solutions.