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Love Test - Relations
Love Test - Relations

Video: Love Test - Relations

Video: Love Test - Relations
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What is love? There are many definitions of this great feeling, and none is correct. Therefore, there can be no absolutely reliable test that could test your relationship with your partner. Still, take a calm moment and ask yourself these four questions:

1. Do I like myself in the presence of my partner?

2. Can I introduce my partner as the parent of my children?

3. Do we both prefer to sleep with an open or closed window?

4. Would I hug myself if I woke up next to me in the morning?

Explanations to the questions

1. Whether we feel at ease in the presence of another depends on whether we enjoy being with him. Self-acceptance is a component of psychological comfort. If you feel calm and well in the company of friends, in a team and in a parental family, and you constantly expect criticism from your partner, think about whether it is love or passion. Perhaps you fell into the clutches of an abuser?

2. This question is an attempt to separate spontaneous falling in love from long-term relationships. It doesn't matter if you are planning to have children in the near future or in the long term. Your answer to this question will allow you to realize whether you are ready to be with your partner for many years, to share the responsibility for the family with him.

3. Relationships are everyday life, everyday life are habits, and habits are imprints of character. Habits must coincide, or one must mutually adapt so as not to constantly interfere with each other. Of course, a draft or, conversely, stuffiness may seem like a trifle, but it is from such trifles that life together consists. In addition, a comfortable sleep is a guarantee of well-being.

4. “Love is never in the one who is loved, but always only in the one who loves. We cannot find the love we lack in others,”writes Erich Fromm. Acceptance of yourself, respect for your body, concern for your appearance - all this can be called "hug yourself." If you feel like hugging yourself, your partner will want the same.

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