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Glass Ceiling. Influence Of Gender Stereotypes On Career Growth - Image
Glass Ceiling. Influence Of Gender Stereotypes On Career Growth - Image

Video: Glass Ceiling. Influence Of Gender Stereotypes On Career Growth - Image

Video: Glass Ceiling. Influence Of Gender Stereotypes On Career Growth - Image
Video: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: gender pay gap and stereotypes 2023, March

In our country, women hold 40% of leadership positions. And this is almost a world record. Russia was one of the first countries in Europe to establish equality of rights for men and women. However, the higher the career peak, the fewer women there, in the State Duma, for example, there are only 13% of the people's chosen ones (and here Russia is already trailing in the tail of world rankings), and only 13% of companies are headed by executives

Shackled by stereotypes

This state of affairs - when, despite formal equality of opportunity, representatives of one group practically do not achieve success in the professional sphere - has been called the "glass ceiling". The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier of stereotypes, through which it is very difficult for a representative of a minority group to penetrate.

gender stereotypes
gender stereotypes

It is believed that women are good performers, but bad initiators, and with a creative approach they are so-so, they would have everything according to the recipe, according to the instructions. Allegedly, their leadership is bad - a woman will either rush to be the collective "mommy", or turn into a tyrant, a tyrant, throwing tantrums five times a day because of any trifle. There are a huge number of industries and spheres where ladies have nothing to do - this is military service, and all technical specialties, and government positions (well, perhaps education). It is believed that women are less competent (which is surprising, since in our country, on average, they have a better education than men), they are less well oriented if the situation is really difficult and critical, and tend to show excessive emotions.

Naturally, almost no one has any questions when a man leaves for the next promotion, even if there is a woman in the company with the same (and even better) specialization and experience. It comes to ridiculousness even in such typical female industries for Russia as education and medicine - and there about 60% of managerial positions are held by men.

But the glass ceiling isn't just about stereotypes about women's ability. It is mothers who go on parental leave. It is they who will interrupt their careers, “pause,” take the risk of losing all their professional experience. Yes, and with grown-up children it is not easier - it is the mother who takes time off from work to go to a meeting or pick up the child from the section, she checks the lessons and prepares dinner, even if tomorrow there is an important presentation, she takes sick leave and throws everything in general, if something is wrong with the child. that's serious. What a great career, what a leading position?

Self limiter

The glass ceiling consists of two layers, and the second layer is installed by women themselves. Will a young girl choose a technical profession, for example? Maybe she will, but she will think about it many times, because she will most likely have to face prejudice from teachers and fellow students, and difficulties in finding a job in an area where everything is already “sharpened” for male specialists. Either it is “women's specialties”, the accountant will always find a job for himself and will not cause unnecessary questions at the interview. And in general - girls "by nature" are inclined to accounting, working with people, small performing work and the like.

Will the woman ask for a raise herself? Maybe she would have asked, but this means an increase in the workload, nerves, responsibility, and she is already shaken, the older one enters the university, and the younger is often sick, there is no one to insure, and a big position will mean that time and effort for the family will not remain at all. And yet there is no self-confidence that he can, that he will pull, so you take it, and then what? This man is definitely sure that he was born for leadership and career, that he is by nature such, intended to be a leader, there are not so many such self-confident women among women.

Bad ceiling

It is bad because the most valuable thing - a human resource - is openly used ineffectively. Women who have all the necessary qualities for success in any industry, either do not dare to apply themselves there, because they do not want to face stereotypes and unnecessary difficulties, or are on the sidelines, not being able to fully express themselves. The flip side of this situation is openly “underperforming” male specialists who do not have the necessary competence and work experience, who are assigned to a position that is not suitable for them, because they are “naturally more inclined”.

Numerous sociological studies show that an idea expressed by a woman is much less likely to be considered and accepted; some consultants even give women recommendations that if they want to be heard, they should broadcast their ideas through their male colleagues. Anyway, a business woman who openly and toughly tries to promote any idea or project is likely to be perceived as an "upstart", while in men such behavior is assessed positively, as the ability to show initiative and achieve her goal.

Forced tricks

gender stereotypes
gender stereotypes

I can also share my personal experience - throughout my career I have had to participate in numerous negotiations, and at large meetings I have always been present with a male leader. It was enough for him just to be next to me and periodically express agreement with what I said, so that the negotiations would go on in a normal mode and my words would not be questioned every five minutes. In negotiation practice, this is called “riding with the body,” and for women, unfortunately, this is sometimes just a necessary “military trick”. In general, a rather depressing situation - a woman should not behave too masculine, as she will give the impression of being too loud, arrogant, bitchy upstart (this tactic is often recommended, but in fact it is not very effective). But a woman shouldn't be too femininesince this will not bring her any opportunities or authority.

Overcoming barriers

Can a glass ceiling be broken? Let's omit here the arguments about the importance of state participation in ensuring truly equal opportunities for all citizens. When asked for personal advice on a career strategy, I never advise you to go ahead. Risking the future in the name of fighting the system is a worthy business, but not everyone can handle it. But both women and men should choose areas for self-realization, based on inclinations, talents, and simply from the position "I like it", and not by gender and because "it is so accepted."

The more people strive to find a job to their liking and mind, the thinner the glass ceilings will be, the less various harmful stereotypes will be

What is definitely not worth doing is to be afraid of a “non-female” or “non-male” business, it is much worse to do something that is not your own business all your life

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