Oxxxymiron Vs Slava KPSS Purulent: Brainring Or Fight In The Mud? - Society
Oxxxymiron Vs Slava KPSS Purulent: Brainring Or Fight In The Mud? - Society

Video: Oxxxymiron Vs Slava KPSS Purulent: Brainring Or Fight In The Mud? - Society

Video: Oxxxymiron Vs Slava KPSS Purulent: Brainring Or Fight In The Mud? - Society
Video: VERSUS X #SLOVOSPB: Oxxxymiron VS Слава КПСС (Гнойный) 2023, March

On the night of August 14, "the most anticipated Versus battle in the history of Russian rap" took place in the cultural capital of Russia: the superstar Oxxxymiron entered the "ring" against the Glory of the KPSS Purulent. It would seem, with whom does it not happen? But all of a sudden this “poetic duel”, desperately weakened by swear words, caused an unusual resonance not only in social networks and in “star circles”, where everyone is not averse to promoting themselves through hot news, but also in leading information and opposition, and even business media.

We have long been no longer surprised by the variety of trash that can be found on social networks. Someone will be pretty amused, for example, by the material titled "Oksimiron vs Purulent and 5 more classic oppositions in Russian literature." Meanwhile, everyone is seriously talking about rap battles as an important phenomenon: from media moguls and owners of the best business media to opposition channels that see (not without reason) support for some of their ideas. And business radio stations are looking for the historical literary sources of this subculture (this time Mayakovsky got it). What's happening? We asked our experts for their opinion: how an example of a marginal culture suddenly became no less significant and debated than recent celebrities from the world of fish.

Ilya Shabshin, a consultant psychologist, pays attention to the form and presentation of the material and sees in this excitement signs of deviant behavior inherent in the broad masses in our country:

“At the end of the discussed battle, one of the judges said, giving his assessment of the performances:“Sorry, I'm not in the culture.” Although it is clear what he meant, another interpretation is close to me: what is happening - from the beginning to the end - is outside the framework of culture. The beginning is set by a friendly swearing one of the organizers, who drove up to the place of the show in a "black boomer". Further - on the rise: insults, vulgarity, derogatory characteristics of the opponent, the same swearing accompanied by the howl of the crowd. What is it? Degradation and deviant behavior. Even in a more original and even more intellectualized form than stupid drunken hubbub, but the competition, “who will outwit whom and humiliate more abruptly,” should naturally cause only a gag reflex and the feeling that happens when you accidentally plunge into g … But it turns out, that some people are lying in it,getting pleasure and popularity, and many others enjoy this spectacle. And this is very sad. I'll go wash my hands with antibacterial soap."

But psychologist and sociologist Yevgeny Volkov is not surprised by the reaction of the media, since he considers the problem at the level of socially significant subcultures of modern youth:

“There is absolutely nothing to be surprised at. The languageless street of Mayakovsky has found its own language and media. Over time, her audience has grown significantly. The individual hobbies of young people have become a meaningful large-scale phenomenon. Hence, the time has come to react. If these battles are watched by several million people on the same day, how can any media get around it? In addition, in the general coverage of the topic in various media, one can see a certain anxiety. Young people with enviable mass weight make their own parallel culture, their parallel "spirituality", their language and their "bonds". The mainstream suddenly saw his stream drying up and trying to portray a friendly, suffocating hug."

But, as Alfred Koch, who does not need personal PR on the basis of rap battles, correctly notedon his Facebook page, it looks “very tortured when adult uncles for fifty dollars portray sincere enthusiasm for the battles of rappers. It is ridiculous and pointless to adapt to young people when you have gray eggs. In our youth, there was also a counterculture: punk rock and Sanya Laertsky. You cannot step into the same water twice … Young people are conquered by intelligence and personal example, and not by knowledge of youth slang and newfangled baubles. In addition, this is all from the point of view of real literature - banal poems with verbal rhyme. Helpless verses at the level of jubilee odes that they write to the chief accountant before sending him to retire. All these "we wish you many years - congratulations from the bottom of our hearts", seasoned with mother tongue - all this oral folklore is not worth discussing. Here the point is precisely in opposing themselves to us. It was in the counterposition. And how can we become them? No way! It will be as ridiculous as dyed hair on an old bald head."

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