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Empire Of Stress - Reviews
Empire Of Stress - Reviews

Video: Empire Of Stress - Reviews

Video: Empire Of Stress - Reviews
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Bago K., Bago L

Empire of stress. When stress turns into your employer

M.: OlMa Media Group, 2015.

Millions of people suffer from stress, experiencing sleep disturbances, fatigue, feelings of rejection, anxiety and aggressiveness, and nightmares. Sometimes it comes to suicide. The prevalence of the phenomenon contributed to the emergence of an entire anti-stress industry: in addition to pills, merchants offer sufferers special coloring and toys, trainings and exercises. Does any stress need to be dealt with and how to do it effectively?

The special value of the book is that, in addition to the theoretical part, it contains practical tools thanks to which the reader will be able to conduct self-diagnostics, determine the level of his stress, identify the presence of emotional burnout syndrome, and also find suitable ways of protection. All this will save you time and money. The authors offer a step-by-step strategy.

  • The first step is a special test by Professor Louise Lemire of the University of Ottawa. After passing it, you can find out if you are in a state of stress, and, importantly, determine its level.
  • The second step is to fill in the scale of Professor Ayala Malakh-Pines. The result is to find out if there is emotional burnout.
  • The third step is a questionnaire of psychological consequences of stress, based on the questions asked by psychologists during the consultation.
  • The next stage is medical. You need to do a blood test and undergo an examination of the heart, lungs and digestive system. By the presence of physiological consequences, you will understand whether you are under stress, or burnout …

In addition to four "diagnostic" steps, the book provides a list of work-related stressors and 30 signs of being manipulative.

Christophe Bagot and Laurence Bagot are not limited to bringing stress and burnout detection techniques. The reader is invited to complete a simple exercise that will help relieve tension. This workshop will show you how to find your own way to deal with stress.

It could be traveling or meeting friends, dancing or embroidering. Sport is a powerful stress reliever, not exhausting gym work, but pleasant playful activity that involves communication. If you decide to seek help from a specialist, first of all you need to decide on the choice of approach: analytical, behavioral, cognitive, gestalt …

“You can go to a specialist in order to get help in a certain area (“I have a complete imbalance between my professional and personal life”) or get rid of some symptoms (“At any meeting at work, I have a fear of failure”) …

A specialist will help you find psychological resources to get out of deadlocks. Through psychotherapy, we become more free from fears and our negative thoughts about ourselves. We recognize the limits of our resources, develop our ability to look at events from a different angle. Thanks to her, it is easier for us to live, relations with people become clearer and simpler: we say “no” if we want to say “no”, and “yes” if we agree. We begin to live in greater harmony with our values, with what is really important for our life."

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