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Divorce On Property - Relations
Divorce On Property - Relations

Video: Divorce On Property - Relations

Video: Divorce On Property - Relations

I have been married for 12 years, but now everything is going to divorce. As they say, love has passed. I am concerned about the upcoming division of property. For the last five years I have not worked (the child is four years old), and I know that, according to the law, jointly acquired is divided in half. The problem is that there is almost nothing to do with each other - we live in our husband's apartment, the dacha of his parents. It remains to somehow negotiate so as not to be on the street. The husband, in principle, is a non-conflict person, and the decision to divorce is joint. But it often happens that when parting, people become indifferent to each other. How should I behave? Elena, 31 years old

Negotiations on the division of the acquired property can drag on for months, and sometimes years. Moreover, continuing to argue about who will get the dishes, furniture, car and apartment, the spouses continue to live together for years, raise children, go on vacation every year and still argue and share property.

The only thing that is clear is your unwillingness to stay on the street after a divorce. You know for sure that the property that belongs to the husband is not subject to division.

So, in order not to be on the street after a divorce, you can behave in several ways, each of which involves certain efforts, benefits, but at the same time inconveniences. In any case, you will have to negotiate. True, with different people and about different things.

Action options


The first option is to live with someone. Strangers are unlikely to agree to shelter a stranger. Therefore, you will most likely have to negotiate with fairly close people. For example, with parents, other relatives or friends. For such agreements, the role of a victim of an indifferent tyrannical villain who drove his ex-wife out into the street and does not want to know her is best suited. And this despite the fact that she gave the best 12 years of her life to this scoundrel, and she still has a four-year-old baby in her arms. Deft manipulation of the relatives' empathy for their tragedy should work. With the proper skill during immersion in the role of the victim, you can hold out on someone else's living space for several years. And during this time, prepare the next marriage.


If your husband is really not a conflictual, gentle person who easily falls under the influence of others, you can try to take the apartment away from him. To implement such a plan, it is best to stay with him, constantly emphasizing that the divorce has actually taken place, they are now strangers to each other and life together for a short time. Cry softly as often as possible. Say: "I don't need anything from you, just wait a little bit, I'll take off some corner and leave." Refer to your ex-husband's feelings of guilt and shame as often as possible. Press on pity. It is quite possible that after some time the man, posing as a noble knight, will leave himself.


The third option is to get a job. Rent an apartment. Ask your husband for help and support for a while. To honestly agree on the division of time, effort and costs necessary for the upbringing and development of a common child. Take an adult position and take responsibility for your own life into your own hands.

Which option to choose is up to you.

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