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How To Turn A Dream Into A Goal - Self-development
How To Turn A Dream Into A Goal - Self-development

Video: How To Turn A Dream Into A Goal - Self-development

Video: How To Turn A Dream Into A Goal - Self-development
Video: How to Design Your Life (My Process For Achieving Goals) 2023, March

Often we are visited by the feeling that we are not living our own life, as if we are living it for someone else. Does it sound familiar? It seems that we are not stupid, we have a couple of higher education, we read a lot, work a lot and even seem to earn good money, but something is not right. We dream about something else. And even, in general, we cannot formulate what.

I am engaged in such an interesting and rather unusual direction in psychology as time management.

A quick reference for those who are not in the know

Time management is a number of ways to organize your own time (planning, distribution) in order to use it most efficiently. Previously, time management was used only in the business environment, but now it is used in many areas. It helps to solve a large number of tasks in a short time and as efficiently as possible. You yourself understand how relevant this is in modern life

So, I believe that with the help of time management you can organize yourself in such a way that after a while you really start living the life you dream about. So where do you start? We will draw up a plan and move forward by taking small but important steps.

1. Goal setting and visualization

The most important thing is to set a goal correctly and visualize it. It is necessary to set a specific task and present specific images. For example, you are tired of the city and want to buy yourself a small house on the coast. It is expensive and it may take some time to accumulate the required amount. But the initial task is to set a goal. We want a house by the sea. What house? What does he look like? Will there be a kindergarten there? How far from the sea? Imagine all the nuances. Do not be afraid to look for pictures, save them, examine them, create an image.

2. Determination of the time interval

The next step is to outline the time frame for which we must achieve this goal. And now, let's divide this period of time into smaller ones and set ourselves "beacons" by which we will check. And if we understand that we are not meeting the schedule, then we need to analyze why this happened and what can be done. The main thing is to check the schedule from time to time and follow it, making your dream come true.

3. Collect resources

After we have outlined the schedule, let's pick up a notebook, sit down and think about how we can get closer to the goal faster. Experts call this “resource harvesting”. Sounds interesting, what is it? Think about which of your friends, relatives or acquaintances could help you? We used to rely only on our own strength, but sometimes asking for help is not a bad thing. This is the time to grow and seek new opportunities. And there are actually many of them.

If you seriously approach the issue and use the recommendations, you yourself will not notice how in a few months you will get involved in the process and begin to carry out the task. But try not to burn out. Don't take too much on yourself at once. It is better to go to the goal slowly, in small steps, but confidently and get where you need to.

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