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10 Steps Toward Harmony With Yourself - Reviews
10 Steps Toward Harmony With Yourself - Reviews

Video: 10 Steps Toward Harmony With Yourself - Reviews

Video: 10 Steps Toward Harmony With Yourself - Reviews
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Brown B

Gifts of imperfection. How to love yourself for who you are

M.: Alpina non-fiction, 2015.

The phrases “Accept yourself as you are” and “In order for others to love you, you must first learn to love yourself” are familiar to many and are often perceived as commonplace.

People readily acknowledge the truth of these statements, but are in no hurry to apply them as principles of life. What prevents self-event? According to psychologist, researcher and educator Brené Brown, the main obstacle is shame - a real epidemic of our culture. “We are all ashamed of our shortcomings. We try to behave and look so that others do not suspect us of vulnerability, that in reality we are not as good as we try to seem."

How to stop doubting yourself all the time? How to get rid of painful comparisons of yourself with other people? The author researched the concept of life "In harmony with myself" for about ten years and came to interesting conclusions.

In addition to shame and fear, we are hampered by three common phenomena of our time: perfectionism, individualism and overwork. Brené Brown offers her own path to harmony, based on both the results of a huge research work and personal experience

The ten steps suggested to the reader are not a list of tasks or goals to cross out as you progress. They only indicate the direction for the daily work of the soul to foster courage, compassion and trust in people. Armed with these qualities, you can realize your value and uniqueness, love and accept yourself.

What are these ten steps?

1st step

First, you need to risk being yourself and forget about other people's opinions. Naturalness, according to Brené Brown, comes with practice and is the result of conscious choice. This is our decision to reveal our true colors to others.

2nd step

The second step is self-compassion. You have to say no to the desire for approval, that is, perfectionism.

3rd step

The third step is getting rid of helplessness and powerlessness. The spiritual foundation for this is the belief in human closeness. We also need the ability to maintain hope and critical thinking.

4th step

The fourth step on the path to harmony with yourself is joy and gratitude. “Stop preparing yourself for the worst and don't be afraid of the 'dark'. Darkness does not deprive us of light, it makes it clear that light exists. The fear of the dark is what prevents us from experiencing pure joy."

5th step

The fifth step is to rely on intuition. There is no need to be afraid of uncertainty.

6th step

Stage number 6 - the development of creativity. "Creativity, which is an expression of our exclusivity, helps us realize that we are not like anyone and we cannot be compared with anyone."

7th step

The seventh step is rest. "Overwork is not evidence of your social worth."

8th step

At the eighth step, you need to forget about anxiety as a familiar background. It is cultivating calmness.

9th step

Step 9 - Stop doubting yourself and feeling obligated.

10th step

And finally, the tenth step - don't try to keep everything under control. Laugh, Sing and Dance!

Living in harmony with ourselves suggests that we consider ourselves worthy of the best in the first place. On the path to harmony, we receive the gifts of our imperfection - courage, compassion and closeness.

Why is this book worth reading? “Gifts of Imperfection” will be interesting for everyone who strives for a harmonious life. Written sincerely and boldly, the book will support you on the difficult path from shame and fear to joy and a happy life.

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