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Great And Terrible Paranoia - Self-development
Great And Terrible Paranoia - Self-development

Video: Great And Terrible Paranoia - Self-development

Video: Great And Terrible Paranoia - Self-development
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Lords and leaders, orators and reformers, great and terrible - are representatives of the paranoid personality type. It is difficult with them, but still possible.

The paranoid is a man of Cause with a capital letter, he lives by his overvalued task. Everything for him is built around the desired goal. Create something extraordinary, turn the world upside down with your invention, or arrange a power revolution. This is not an apartment, a car, a summer house.

The manner of communication leaves much to be desired. He is rude, interrupts, rushes, orders, suspects of all grave sins and explodes because of nonsense. And try to reprimand him! A flurry of indignation will fall on you with unprecedented force. Such a person cannot stand criticism, because he is a great personality! And it is not discussed!

At the same time, paranoia has followers and admirers. Take Hitler or Stalin, for example. They follow such people and sacrifice their own lives. They know how to convey their great idea to society. And those who are ready to selflessly work for the good of the people surround him as long as they are able to carry out his many assignments. Someone gets tired, someone is driven out. New followers replace old ones, especially if the paranoid has found more efficient worker bees.

For the sake of the cause, the paranoid is ready to betray, steal, kill. But for himself, most likely, he will not agree to such misconduct

Purposefulness and responsibility, hard work, stubbornness, the ability to make others work add light touches to his dark portrait. It is not easy for him himself, but who, if not he …

Cheat sheet: how to behave as a paranoid

Paranoia are rarely interested in psychology, unless it is related to their professional activities. They are not prone to introspection. But if you still read this article and recognize yourself in it, think about some of the nuances.

  • Admit that you are not omnipotent. Sometimes you need help. Having real like-minded people will make you stronger, more effective. And what if all the “same party members” scatter because of your rudeness, and new ones do not have time to appear? Who will knock on your back if you choke and grab your hand when you stumble? In order not to lose people loyal to you, work on yourself.
  • Be considerate of your family's needs. You often sacrifice the interests of loved ones and force them to do the same. Resentment, scandals, and divorce will not make you more successful. Take an interest in their life, share your plans.
  • Learn to speak politely without screaming and insulting. When you start to get annoyed, take yourself a selfie mode. Try to see yourself from the outside. Poses, gestures, voice. How do others see you? Would you like this attitude towards yourself? Pour your irritation into your diary, punch a punching bag, run, draw your enemies on paper and tear, reveling in your mercilessness. And people … smile.
  • Stop. You are on the run all the time - eating, talking, sleeping. Listen to yourself, see what is happening around. What does this dish taste like? What does the room smell like? What is the weather outside the window? How are you feeling now? How do the people around you feel? What is your mood? Ask how things are for yourself and for the person opposite. Make these stops regularly.
  • Your memory is highly selective. And her choice is always in favor of negative information. Write down five good things that happened to you during the day. We saw a beautiful sunset, a colleague treated us to a delicious cake, found a pleasant companion.
  • You are accompanied by constant stress, psychological and physical. And it takes a lot of your energy. Practice yoga or use muscle relaxation techniques. You need to lie down comfortably, or at least sit on a stable chair with a back. Start with your toes. Tighten them as much as possible, and then relax. Move to the feet, legs, knees, thighs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, back, chest, hands, forearms, shoulders. Relax your neck, face and head. Pay special attention to your face. Grimace and release tension from all over your body. The first attempts may not be entirely successful, but it will turn out better each time. After a couple of weeks of daily “discharges”, you will do it automatically. Try this method in stressful situations.
  • Monitor your health. You brush off cold symptoms, work with fever, numb stomach pain with drugs. Work! No time to lie! And then what? Bang! And the complication knocks you off your feet. It is good if you have a familiar doctor who will remind you that it is time to undergo a "checkup".
  • Resentment is a serious enemy of wellness. Why carry them around? You need to master the techniques of forgiveness and use them instead of hatching plans for sweet revenge. Each day, forgive someone on your blacklist:

    1. Reflect on your grudge.

    2. What is useful to learn from this "incident"?

    3. Mentally thank your enemy and forgive him. Wish well and present a balloon. Let him fly away on him from your hard thoughts.

You have great potential. Since you have decided to do something, you will definitely try hard. It remains to be hoped that you will pursue good peaceful goals and begin to appreciate and cherish those who are always there

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