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BFB Is All Over The Head - Research
BFB Is All Over The Head - Research

Video: BFB Is All Over The Head - Research

Video: BFB Is All Over The Head - Research
Video: ReVivE mE ALREADY!!! | Meme | BFB | 2023, March

Modern psychological equipment, which is based on tracking human life rhythms, allows training with biofeedback (BFB). The goal is to learn to live most of the time in the alpha rhythm (the rhythm of calm, relaxed wakefulness).

If a person has anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disturbances, phobias, burnout syndromes, chronic fatigue, etc., the rhythms of his brain change - they have a clear lack of alpha rhythm.

Special equipment (we often see soft helmets with a lot of wires in science fiction films) tunes the training participant to the alpha rhythm (that is, to the state of rest and “nothing-thinking”). While a person is nervous, "gets turned on" (and he has a beta rhythm), an unpleasant noise sounds in the headphones. If he tunes himself in a positive mood, pleasant music begins to sound in his ears.

The device works according to the ECG principle, but using the appropriate software. After several trainings, the participant learns to find the alpha rhythm faster and hold it longer.

The true strength of a person is not in impulses, but in indestructible calm

Lev Tolstoy

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