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Video: Sign Of Strength - Blogs
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I want to tell you the good news: a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and psychiatrist are, as a rule, four completely different wonderful people.

In the everyday consciousness, confusion of these four respected professions often occurs.

So, a psychologist is a person who has received a higher and, as a rule, a theoretical education in the field of psychology; psychotherapist - a person who has a psychological, pedagogical or medical education and has passed specialization (having practical skills) in a particular field of psychotherapy; psychoanalyst - a special case of a psychotherapist using the method, the foundations of which were laid by Sigmund Freud; psychiatrist - a person with medical education (doctor), as a rule, uses pharmacological drugs in working with patients.

Sometimes there is a happy combination: a specialist acts in two, three or four qualities. If you use the services of such a specialist, you are in luck.

Seeking help from a psychotherapist is a sign of strength and desire to develop, and not a sign of weakness.

A client who seeks a psychotherapist can avoid disappointment if he imagines what he can count on. What illusions about psychotherapy should he give up? How long can the psychotherapy process take?

At the end of this simultaneously exciting and painful process, you may find that the specific goals stated at the first psychotherapy meeting have not been achieved. But you can feel much more alive, energetic, loving and understanding. First of all, yourself and your true goals and values. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life. But only for those who are able to take advantage of this opportunity. We are all mortal, but not all of us are alive.

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