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Pension Is Not A Sentence - Society
Pension Is Not A Sentence - Society

Video: Pension Is Not A Sentence - Society

Video: Pension Is Not A Sentence - Society
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My dad has recently retired. He is very worried and does not know what to do, has become irritable, finds fault with everyone. How to help him, what to do? Alexander, 39 years old

Lack of demand is the most toxic poison for developed brains. You can be lonely in a crowd or in your own family. A sincere interest in well-being, mood and household chores is an invaluable elixir of health and longevity. Involvement in joint activities is the prevention of any disease.

The best crossword puzzle for a retired dad is raising grandchildren. As an alternative - raising animals. Encourage him to think about creativity. Everything comes from what dad did before, what hobbies he had.

First of all, you should understand yourself that excessive irritability and resentment are not only psychological and emotional deviations, but also signs of changes in microcirculation in certain areas of the brain. Practical training is required to stimulate the body to expand the circulatory system.

Puzzles and Sudoku, chess or solving math problems, poetry or playing a musical instrument are all very effective ways to train your intelligence. This will prevent the father from falling into a drowsy stupor and coming to unconsciousness.

It should be understood that an aging organism does not always mean fading intelligence. There is a transformation of the organism, but who said that it is always degradation and destruction?

This is just a person's adaptation to new conditions. Creativity in all its manifestations, involvement in group tasks, setting tasks that require a serious intellectual load, support in all kinds of hobbies, pedagogical activities, goal selection, fantasizing and discussing possible projects, analytical activities in any areas (business, vegetable marrow yields, the outcome of a football tournament, a promising flight to Mars).

You can neatly get interested in the activity on the Internet. There are many thematic forums and conferences. Explain the principle and meaning of creating a blog, an account on Instagram. Maybe your dad would love to create his own audience. And a new endless field of activity, claims, successes and battles will arise.

Boredom. Indifference. Lack of interest in the world around you. Detachment in the eyes of old people is not a sentence to them, but a reproach to indifferent children, or friends, or just people living nearby. The man screams in pain. Look for the reason. Invite older parents into your world. Who knows, maybe someone will pay attention to you in a similar situation?

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