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Frenzy And Ability - Self-development
Frenzy And Ability - Self-development

Video: Frenzy And Ability - Self-development

Video: Frenzy And Ability - Self-development
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Strictly speaking, our first superpower, and at the same time the greatest insanity, is the process and fact of our birth. But if this event always happens against our will, then in all other follies there is always a share of our participation, and, accordingly, the question of the motivation of such behavior is always relevant.


Earlier, in a "society of universal equality", the idea of the innate "sameness" of all representatives of the human race, as well as of endless possibilities for the development of almost any abilities (the exception was made only for mathematical or musical giftedness, and even then for its development tried to provide a "correct" social base).

Why do people with different speed and willingness master certain types of activity? Neuroscientists are increasingly talking about innate differences in the structure of the brain and the parameters of its functioning, and humanists from all sorts of branches of popular psychology are promoting the idea "every child is talented in its own way" and, accordingly, "there are no incapable children, there are poorly examined." Periodically, new varieties of juvenile geniuses from the "Indigo Children" series appear.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in between, and it lies in the fact that the presence of innate abilities turns a child into a deviant, requiring special attention and specific approaches. And most of the geeks, after a brilliant start, quickly leave the distance of success in life, or even leave this world altogether untimely.


Teenage rebellion is directly related to the need to urgently prove to oneself and those around him his significance and solvency. And what could be better for such purposes than to do something at the limit or beyond what is permitted? So juvenile supermen are jumping on the roofs of houses and moving trains, or those with forked tongues, painted in all colors of the rainbow, covered with a thick layer of piercings and tattoos, walk. By the way, nothing new - the same initiation inherited from our ancestors. Only in ancient times, the transition to adulthood with deadly tests had to be made by all the grown up members of the tribe, and now freedom of choice rules. If you want, risk your life. If you don't want to, limit yourself to scandals with your parents.

Adult madness

In the world of modern adults, it is difficult to seriously talk about the presence of any superpowers without presenting a multimillion-dollar bank account and entering some ranking of the world's young billionaires. Therefore, less successful mortals can only nurture their psychological problems, giving them the appearance of achievement. And there are not so many options where you can express yourself to the fullest: love, sex, image, creativity, well, and some exotic options for dying.


Everything here is rather muddy in terms of abilities. Of the relatively objective indicators, there is the concept of a strong or weak sexual constitution. But if we take into account the extent to which the sexual sphere is connected with the psyche, we can safely say that even the strongest sexual constitution can be strangled without much difficulty with the help of education. This is the way women who are “hardened” by restrained bodily desires, who are potentially able to make the most demanding partner happy, in full confidence in their own frigidity. And potentially very “hot” guys are interrupted by masturbation and dreary quarterly family sex - often because they are ashamed to talk to their wife about their real needs.

Realized sexual "achievements", as a rule, are tightly connected with the presence of a "champion" of traumatic experience, which allows using extreme options to somehow solve their psychological problems. As in the case of rape victims leaving for prostitution, well, or turning them into easily accessible young ladies. Or as with the search for more and more thrills for those who, without such stimulation, are simply not able to feel alive within the framework of a "boring" life. In general, hardly any of the psychologists had to deal with the fact that a woman or a man, constantly and extremely changing partners or practicing sophisticated types of sexual satisfaction, would be examples of family and psychological well-being.

Where there is no room for the manifestation of ability, there is no ability

Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

Pleasure as a profession

Recently, it has become fashionable to take frank interviews with porn actresses (who, if not them, brag about their sexual abilities!). So, what is characteristic, none of them speaks of sex as a pleasure. It's hard work for them. I would venture to suggest that there are at least two reasons for this. The first is that doing porn for many hours a day is at least hard physical labor. On the other hand, I think that the actresses subconsciously understand that if they also admit to getting pleasure from this whole process, the level of reader's condemnation will simply go off scale!

Dangerous love

Love is always a test that requires a person to connect all his abilities. It is not for nothing that the limit of sensual possession of a partner can manifest itself in seemingly “opposite” actions - bites, pinches, blows. The famous "beats - it means loves", if removed from the alcoholic and household surroundings, has its own deep erotic meaning.

It is not for nothing that the impossibility of completely possessing another person and merging with him is also an ancient philosophical problem. When it is so good with a person that it becomes scary. In the limit, this is the act of Carmen when she deliberately provokes her murder by Jose, who is in love with her to the point of madness. This is generally an interesting psychological plot - love, the end of which can only be death.

Cursed talents

Another opportunity to show our ultimate ability is provided by the creative process. It is not for nothing that the presence of an artistic gift is compared to a curse. And how not to compare, if history and modernity are full of examples of self-sacrifice for the sake of art. And here it is not so important who we are talking about - about the beggar Rembrandt, who buys brushes and paints instead of bread with his last money, or about the representatives of the modern virtual pantheon of 27-year-old musicians and poets, who quite deliberately spent their lives on creativity mixed with alcohol and drugs … In any case, for these people, the possibility of self-expression at some point became more valuable than physical existence. As a result, the talent destroyed its owner.

Sell yourself

A special area of the realization of abilities is associated with the sale of creative individuals. The fact is that the time of poor, but insanely talented artists, it seems, is irrevocably past. The situation on the market for "cultural products" is exactly the same as in other spheres of the modern economy, when it is much more difficult to sell a product than to produce it. The wrapping and promotion of the "cultural product" has become much more important than its content. And since in many cases the bearer of talent itself is the wrapper, the screens and stage venues were filled with a wave of all kinds of freaks who “sell looks”. For those for whom the external originality could not trample their talent, even a special tradition of making music “for professional connoisseurs” was developed. Usually, this is done by the stars who have already achieved everything, who at some point, apparently,tired of posing as idiots for the needs of the general public. As a result, it may suddenly become clear that, for example, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera sing jazz gorgeous, and our Igor Krutoy suddenly releases an album of decent instrumental music.

In general, real talent not only to drink, but to sell to the end is not always possible. Because a talented person always knows where he is faking, and one would like to hope that in most cases he understands why he is doing it. And we all want to wish that life does not force us to give up our best abilities for nothing.