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What Lies Behind A “Healthy Lifestyle” - The Quality Of Life
What Lies Behind A “Healthy Lifestyle” - The Quality Of Life

Video: What Lies Behind A “Healthy Lifestyle” - The Quality Of Life

Video: What Lies Behind A “Healthy Lifestyle” - The Quality Of Life
Video: Nutrition for a Healthy Life 2023, December

What do we know about a healthy lifestyle? Some experts argue that you should only drink from clean glasses and smoke only in the fresh air. But more experienced people say that this is not the most important thing. Although clean glasses and fresh air are very good in themselves, but in combination with each other, they are generally wonderful.

Under the press of the rules

It is rumored (and good hearing is also health!) That the most important thing is a properly built system! And the system consists of elements. Let's go through the elements of the healthy lifestyle table together, as in the famous periodic sleep of Mendeleev.

So, it's important to eat right. Do not eat fat. Don't look at flour. You don't even go to the toilet at McDonald's. Don't drink fiery water. And drink a lot of ordinary water. No smoking (they say that this applies not only to cigarettes). Be in a healthy atmosphere and in an appropriate environment. Although even the healthiest environment can be significantly worse than some unhealthy environment on Saturday. And you also need to run in the morning. And not only for beer. And if it is for beer, then in no case should you drink it. And you can't also use drugs: after all, if you use it, it is very difficult to keep track of the quality of the food you eat. So you may not notice that the inscription "does not contain GMO" is not on the packaging. By the way, I saw the biggest inscription "without GMO" on a sewage truck in Odessa. After that, I thought about genetics for a long time.


They also say that it is easier to lead a healthy lifestyle, because an unhealthy one needs much more money. But I think that this is not entirely true. All these eco-friendly things, made on the basis of something perfect and magical, they are somehow not cheap. Just try to go to a vegetarian restaurant - everything is clean, noble and every square meter is saturated with morality. And they smile at you like no meat-eater ever smiles at you. And if you try something there (especially food), then you want to give someone money quickly. A lot of money to get out of there as soon as possible. And to pay extra - so that it will never be eaten again.

All jokes, but why is everything so bland ?! Either my taste has long been perverted and unable to perceive healthy food, or health itself requires catastrophic sacrifices.

Voluntary confinement

A healthy lifestyle is somehow miraculously linked to limitations. And somehow there is a lot of inconvenience. At least at first glance. You can't go to a regular store, you need a special one. The restaurant around the corner isn't particularly suitable either. Unless you live in some vegan Bronx, of course.

Why do people limit themselves? A number of researchers, in particular psychologist Barry Schwartz, believe that "modern cultures have an excess of freedom." This leads to a decrease in life satisfaction and an increase in the number and duration of depressive states. Too wide a choice leads to the "tyranny of freedom."

Researchers Lengar and Lepper, based on their experiment and subsequent analysis of the data obtained, concluded that people who chose from thirty proposed varieties of food were significantly less satisfied than those who chose from only six varieties. At the same time, the degree of satisfaction did not depend on which variety they chose.

In other words, by voluntarily introducing some restrictions for ourselves, we can thereby increase the degree of our satisfaction. Here's a paradox

In addition, there is another factor: the more anxiety and changes in society, including unpleasant ones, the more uncertainty around, the more people need a clear understandable structure. The structure and some restrictions reduce anxiety. “I lead a healthy lifestyle, I eat only healthy food” is a clear message both to society and to myself. The algorithm is clear: you are looking for healthy food, you read on the labels what is written. You go exclusively to a vegan restaurant. And at the same time you yourself are quite a subject for imitation. You love animals. You take care of yourself. You care about others. How nice and wonderful!

Running to the ideal

In the ideal, there is always one or another share of attractiveness, no matter what meaning we put into these words. And falling in love without idealization is hardly possible. And we all need love. The term "practical idealization", that is, a system of measures to achieve the ideal based on work on oneself, is quite common among professional pick-up artists. And somehow, from a healthy lifestyle, we went to the stereotyped methods of meeting girls. Suddenly. But maybe someone is pleased.


In general, idealization is a psychological defense. Its object can be a specialist, whose actions, in the opinion of the idealizing person, can change his life, justify expectations, bring certain benefits, and so on. Why is that bad !? If it helps, great. It didn’t help - here it can be devalued. Delov something! The burden of responsibility for your life will be much less. And the psyche always strives to throw off the burden.

A healthy image is a good object for idealization. It is not without reason that the lectures “How I started to run and how it changed my life” attract large audiences. So I started to run and happiness came. But if the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle takes on an obsessive character, then it’s no good. Here you can already start talking about obsessive-compulsive disorder. Or, to put it another way, about obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There is no direct link between a healthy lifestyle and any kind of disorder. Rather, people who are predisposed to obsessions can obsessively strive for something, including a healthy lifestyle, than those who are addicted to healthy lifestyles, can get a predisposition to some kind of disorder. Except, of course, the frustrations associated with the inability to lie on the couch longer without remorse.


Try going to the gym regularly for, say, a year, and then pick up and stop. And then you can collect material for an excellent article: "Breakage or withdrawal symptoms." Who is better able to follow all the canons of a healthy lifestyle: a person with or without a dependent personality structure?

No matter how we relate to addiction, we must admit that this kind of it (may holy pitching and blissful powerlifters forgive me!) Looks much more attractive compared to many others.

And if you have the impression that I am against a healthy lifestyle, you are in vain. I'm just active for. I'm also for mental health. For freedom and free choice. Which everyone does for himself, based on his desires and his volitional decision. And not based on social trends.