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Discover Your Talents! - Self-development
Discover Your Talents! - Self-development

Video: Discover Your Talents! - Self-development

Video: Discover Your Talents! - Self-development
Video: How To Find Your Passion - 11 Abilities (Which one is for you?) 2023, March

Talent. Something elusive, inexplicable, but excellent. One sings like a nightingale - you will listen, the other language knows how to make a tube - you will admire. The third is able to quote the number "pi" up to three hundredth decimal place … though he doesn't really know why. Where can you go - talent!

Adult talents

Everyone has many and different ones. You should not get hung up on the current market assessment of your achievements. Yesterday the ability to dashingly twirl the buttocks was in demand only in strip bars. Today it is considered a fashionable dance. The hour is not far off when dance will become an Olympic discipline. Why not? The talent market is limitless and will consume everything. Just suggest it! Do you want to understand what you are good and talented at?

The procedure is simple, like everything ingenious. Take a piece of paper and in splendid isolation write a list of everything that you can do better than others. Forget about diplomas, certificates, licenses and certifications. Forget about the official list of specialties and professions

Can you read fairy tales with a loud voice? Write! Deftly cut the grass? Write! Do you have beautiful handwriting? Fine! Can you masterfully wash floors, walls, ceilings? Class! Do you know how to extract music from any subject? Perfectly! Can you heal? Kill? Be in love? Hate? Paint? Quickly cut cucumbers? Counting in your mind? Sewing blankets for Chihuahua? Caring for the elderly? To fish? Society needs everything! Any talent is in demand.


Have you written? Now you need to cross out what was written not by you, but your pride, arrogance, arrogance (which takes the city), pride and boasting. Done? The list has decreased significantly. But that's okay! What's left is precious baggage. The one that contains your experience and skills and your talent. This is what will keep you afloat in any situation. This is what is the edge of your talent and will always help to manifest itself in any society in a successful position.

After all, technically, talent is not only a property, but also the ability to manifest this property, a successful application strategy. Which appear, as a rule, "under load", in situations where you need an advantage over others to survive.

One sign of talent is ignoring competition. You are doomed to win in every possible competition. You are informed about this by your consciousness. Hence the calmness and balance when setting the problem.

Talent is not a verdict or a diagnosis, but an adaptation alternative embedded in your mind and body. You are given an additional chance to succeed in these conditions, at this time

Note to yourself - any talent is valuable and applicable. It is a gift from evolution that tests all the developmental alternatives of human improvement. Feel free to try your possibilities, study yourself consistently and impartially. Creativity, sports, science, communication, analytics, prognostics, education, craft … any field of activity can be a field of manifestation of your talent. Create your "markets", your specialties, your directions in creativity, science, research of the surrounding and inner world. Talent is a chance to become the first, but also … maybe the only one today. Not scared? Then get down to business!

Children's talents

Equally, and perhaps to a greater extent, all of the above applies to children. Unclouded children's brains are ready to perceive any property as ordinary. Without giving it excessive importance and naturally increasing the strength of the manifestation of talent. The game called "life" becomes even more interesting and meaningful for children.

Nothing is impossible for a child; reasonable and pragmatic adults will create all the limits of restrictions and acceptable corridors for him. But supporting the child in his fantasies, helping to realize desires, actively helping to master new areas of knowledge - this is the mechanism for finding talent and its realization.

We are looking for talents, expanding opportunities

Do you want to discover your talent or the talent of a child? This is possible on one condition - an adequate perception of the world around you. It is necessary not only to look, but also to see! Not just listening, but also hearing! Speak in such a way and in such words that the content of the speech is clear not only to yourself, but also to those around you.

Any of your talent is a filter for the perception of signals from the surrounding world and a generator of signals that come from you. And now … familiar, in general, words, put into rhyme, suddenly touch the soul of a casual reader, an uncomplicated drawing captures and absorbs the viewer's attention, leaving a feeling of belonging to the great … to harmony.

We can talk endlessly on this topic. Argue, hypothesize, build theories. The essence is the same - active interest and constant forward movement in life causes the manifestation of prerequisites and the improvement of successful and effective strategies and mechanisms (talents).

Stimulating and expanding the opportunities provided by talent is, in my opinion, best through education. The process is endless and incredibly fun. It's fun for a lifetime.

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