The Capital Will Host The 15th Moscow Psychodrama Conference - Events
The Capital Will Host The 15th Moscow Psychodrama Conference - Events

Video: The Capital Will Host The 15th Moscow Psychodrama Conference - Events

Video: The Capital Will Host The 15th Moscow Psychodrama Conference - Events
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The 15th Moscow Psychodrama Conference will take place on June 9-12 in Moscow.

What awaits you during these four days? Of course, the method itself - in all its manifestations! Many events at the conference are designed for both professionals and people who are curious to get to know more about psychology.

Here you, as a participant …

  • You will see how psychotherapy works and how psychodrama works, if you like it - try it on yourself;
  • Try out different behaviors;
  • Learn more about yourself and your life;
  • Recharge with energy and creativity;
  • Gain hands-on knowledge for real life change.

And as a specialist you:

  • You will understand how “play and spontaneity” works in therapy, why “roles” and “stage” are needed;
  • Enrich your professional toolbox with psychodrama techniques;
  • See how to combine psychodrama with other therapeutic approaches;
  • Learn from leading psychodramatists about best practices and experience with the method.

And all this is in the company of practicing professionals, each of whom has his own individual style of work, a personal piggy bank of practical and therapeutic findings.

What is behind the method's name, which is rather unusual for our ears? Psychodrama is the first group therapy method that pioneered the development of psychotherapeutic practice. It involves the study of life situations and conflicts by not only talking about them, but also playing or acting out them in action, and therefore in the name and techniques there are many theatrical, and in this sense - "dramatic" terms. It is based on the "setting" of real situations and internal feelings of the client in order to understand the causes of problems and find an acceptable solution.

For the fifteenth year already, our conference has been creating a space for PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC PRACTICE, a space for development and communication, a meeting space for more than 500 psychologists, coaches, trainers and those interested in psychology, where the main format of work is MASTER CLASSES.

Participation cost: from 2400 per 1 day; 7000 in 4 days.

But every day is about 12 hours of various events: lectures and seminars, workshops and performances, games and craft workshops, creative salons, performances of playback theaters … And in all 4 days it is more than 70 workshops!

And most importantly, every day you can create your own individual schedule by choosing the master classes that interest you. You can choose and attend events on several different topics at once, for example:

  • self-development;
  • relationships - between men and women, between children and parents, brothers, sisters, etc.
  • business topics, where you can see the refraction of psychodrama for business, in working with organizations, employees, in training.

On our website ( you will find a more complete list of topics and - details about each of several different events that relate to each of the topics. Use this opportunity and - fill your day at the conference with events that are important for you.

Come - learn and try new things, get inspired and stock up on energy!

Take advantage of preferential payment terms and register now at

And in order not to miss the news - join our groups in social networks:

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